Are you searching for a fun and classic individual song and also movement game for kids? Do you want to know more about the surprising background of common songs?I’ve love to play and also sing Skip To my Lou ever since I was a boy and first heard it excellent by Pete Seeger. As soon as I ended up being a music teacher, i knew I had to teach this to my students. But when a student asked what the tune was every about. Ns wasn’t happy v my answer, so i did some study in the Skip To mine Lou lyrics and also meaning. The Skip To my Lou lyrics room self-explanatory; the a partner-stealing or passing video game from the 1840s. The “Lou” is a derivative that the Scottish word, “Loo,” which method love. Yet the lyrics establish this song as an instance of a pat party where civilization sang instead of danced through instruments because of local churches believing dancing through music was evil. Check out the remainder of the write-up for a breakdown of the song; explanation of the lyrics, meaning, and variations; and also an explanation of how to pat the game. 

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Skip To my Lou Song, Notes, SolfegeSkip To mine Lou Lyrics and also MeaningLyric VariationsHistorical ConnectionsSkip To mine Lou GameSkip To my Lou ChordsSkip To my Lou etc ChordsSkip To mine Lou Ukulele ChordsConclusion

Skip To mine Lou Song, Notes, Solfege

Skip To mine Lou is a funny tune, and your younger students will love it. Older students may gain some mileage out of this game as well if you affix the an excellent I-V chord motion on ukes or guitars. 

image skip to mine lou notation solfegeLyrics: There are plenty of variants that this song. The following is among the most usual versions. Chorus: Lou, lou, skip to my lou. Lou, lou, skip to mine lou. Lou, lou skip to mine lou. Skip to mine lou, mine darlin’. Verse 1: Fly in the buttermilk, shoo, fly, shoo!Fly in the buttermilk, shoo, fly, shoo!Fly in the buttermilk, shoo, fly, shoo!Skip to my lou, mine darlin’. ChorusVerse 2: Lost my partner, what’ll i do?Lost mine partner, what’ll i do?Lost mine partner, what’ll ns do?Skip to mine lou, my darlin’. Chorus Verse 3: I’ll find another one, prettier 보다 you. I’ll find another one, prettier 보다 you. I’ll find another one, prettier than you. Skip to mine lou, mine darlin’. ChorusPitches: ti, do, re, mi, fa, solRhythms: eighth-two sixteenth, paired eighth notes, 4 minutes 1 noteChords: I, V (V7)Origins: 1840s partner-stealing song and also play party (see an ext details below)

Skip To my Lou Lyrics and Meaning

When songs room as old and also popular together Skip To mine Lou, they tend to have amazing histories and many variations in your lyrics. This section will cover numerous of this variations and related historic facts. 

Lyric Variations

The lyrics detailed above are what i use once I beat the game. I uncover it simpler to shorten the lyrics a little bit to assist younger students get playing right away. The most typical difference in the sport is the chorus. Traditionally, it to be most likely “Skip, skip, skip to mine lou.” The various other variant is what was detailed above: “Lou, lou, skip to my lou.” Outside of the chorus, there’s a huge list of changing verses used in plenty of different orders. Here are several of them: Fly in the buttermilk, shoo, fly, shoo! Fly’s in the sugar bowl, shoo, fly, shoo! (I) shed my partner, what’ll ns do?I’ll get one more one, prettier 보다 youI’ll get an additional one, as pretty together youI’ll find another one, better than youI’ll get an additional girl, sweeter than youCan’t get a red bird, jay bird will certainly doCat’s in the cream jar, ooh, ooh, oohOff come Texas, 2 by twoCow’s in the pasture, 2 by twoCow’s in the barnyard, moo, moo, mooFound my partner, love the trueLittle red wagon, painted blueThere’s a small red wagon, repaint it blueHurry up slowpoke, perform oh doI’ll obtain her earlier in spite of youGone again, what shall ns do?

Historical Connections

According to The Prairie years by Carl Sandberg, a book around the young life that Abraham Lincoln, Skip To my Lou was a typical lyrical video game in southerly Indiana and also Kentucky. This aligns through the visibility of the tune in increasing popularity in the 1840s, especially in the Midwest. This song was provided to rest the ice and also replace to dance with tools at the time. It was a fun way for young world to gain to know one another. Often, it would be attach by a solitary fiddle or other instrument while people danced. At the time, churches to be pushing to half or, in ~ least, strong discouraging dancing with massive bands as these were believed to lead human being to sin. This caused the bear of the pat party which featured lyrics describing the moves of the dance. Often, these would be ordinary dance tunes through descriptive words added later. It’s unclear because that Skip To mine Lou whether the melody or the words came first. Regardless, it conveniently stepped right into the play party role. The indigenous “Lou” is thought to be an Americanized version of the Scottish word, “loo” which way love. This fits the tune as walk the melodic style. 

Skip To mine Lou Game

The Skip To my Lou game is fairly simple, but fun! Students was standing in a single circle with everyone having actually a partner except one human (usually a boy) in the middle. During the first chorus the group skips clockwise side by next or hand in hand while the inside human skips the opposite direction. At verses and also the next chorus, the inside person “steals a partner” and they walk skipping outside the circle in a counter-clockwise direction returning to the spot. The course stops and also sings the verse while tapping their knees. The person who shed their partner skips ~ them. Repeat with the new lost human being in the middle.Alternate chorus = skipping, verse = stealing and tapping knees. 

Skip To mine Lou Chords

The solid I-V(7) movement of this song makes it perfect because that practicing the chords. In this section, okay briefly define the chords and also how come finger them. Note: Look at the notation over for once the chords have to change.

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D7 is a much better alternative because that D major, yet it might be a small harder. Chord note include: G significant (I) = G, B, DD significant (V) = D, F#, AD7 (V7) = D, F#, A, C

Skip To mine Lou guitar Chords

Here is just how to finger the etc chords: G Major Middle finger, second string, 2nd fretRing finger, very first string, third fretLittle finger, sixth string, third fretD MajorIndex finger, 4th string, second fretMiddle finger, 6th string, 2nd fretRing finger, fifth string, third fretD7Index finger, 5th string, an initial fretMiddle finger, 4th string, 2nd fretRing finger, 6th string, 2nd fret

Skip To mine Lou Ukulele Chords

Here is just how to giner the ukulele chords: G major (same a D major on guitar)Index finger, second string, second fretMiddle finger, 4th string, second fretRing finger, 3rd string, third fretD MajorFlatten center finger come cover second fret on strings 1, 2, and 3D7Index finger, an initial string, 2nd fretMiddle finger, third string, second fret


I expect you found learning around the Skip To mine Lou lyrics and meaning. The lyrics room a description for exactly how to play the partner-passing game and a way for young couples to meet and mingle through each other. This song and others like it in reality served an essential role in courtship and mingling during the 1840s as soon as dancing with full instruments was frowned upon. Did any type of of this surprised you? Jump down to the comments and also let us know.