"That"s What She Said" is an expression used in an answer to statements that may sound sexual in nature when taken the end of context. On the Internet, the joke is often used in image macros, internet comics and viral videos.

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The phrase was an initial popularized through Canadian comedian Mike Myers in the 1992 blockbuster comedy Wayne"s World<1>. In the film, Wayne offers the expression in response to his sidekick Garth while shooting a local accessibility television present in his basement.

Garth: "Hey room you with yet? cause I"m getting tired of holding this."Wayne: "That"s what she said."


The expression "Said the actress to the bishop" was supplied as a crude dual entendre in practically the exact same context as "That"s what she said." according to Wikipedia<5>, the expression may have actually been brothers in origin, dating earlier to the Edwardian time of the beforehand 1900s.


Urban Dictionary<2> has many entries for the phrase "that"s what she said," through the earliest produced by user pest on respectable 26th, 2003:

A response you deserve to say after just about anything to rotate it right into a sex-related inuendo.Hard to describe in writing, just shot it out once you"re hangin around your friends.

On October 23rd, 2006, the internet comic Xkcd published a comic title "That"s What She Said"<7>, i m sorry featured a stick figure using the catchphrase in response to a grammar ambiguous sentence (shown below).


On June 13th, 2008, Xkcd published one more comic title "How it Happened"<6>, in which a stick number uses the expression in an answer to an obviously sex-related story.


On march 16th, 2009, the "That"s What She Said" applications was released on the iTunes<9> store, which noted a button that would play an audio record of someone speak the phrase. On April 6th, the solitary topic blog TWSSstories<4> was launched, which provided a platform comparable to the FML website where civilization share anecdotes around the phrase being provided in conversation. Top top January 31st, 2010, Funny Or die posted a mockumentary video about the beginning of "that"s what she said," starring Megan Mullally and Tom Lennon.

On October 7th, 2011, a "That"s What She Said" page was produced on the database TV Tropes<3>, which detailed the stock phrase as a subtrope the "Nudge"<3>, a machine used to indicate that a dual entendre has actually been delivered. On April 1st, 2012, the technology blog Gizmodo<11> released a post titled ""That"s What She Said" Receipt is Funnier Than any type of Stupid April Fools", which featured a picture of a receipt taken in ~ a rapid food restaurant which included the phrase after the item "extra wet." together of July 27th, 2012, the ""That"s What She Said" Jokes"<10> Facebook web page has built up over 459,000 likes.

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The Office

"That"s what she said" was favored as a catchphrase because that the socially awkward regional Manager Michael Scott because that the united state version the The Office, which very first aired in march of 2005. Michael Scott is known for often behaving in ways that are perceived by others as inappropriate, ignorant and also dated.