What does kris mean?


▼ together a boys" name (also used much less widely as girls" surname Chris) is pronounce kris. The is of Greek origin, and also the meaning of kris is "bearing Christ". Short form of Christopher and Christian. Actors kris Cooper, chris O"Donnell, kris Sarandon; comedians kris Tucker, kris Rock; basketball player kris Webber.STARTS v Chr-

ASSOCIATED through greek, rock


VARIANTS Chriss, Cris, Kris▼

SEE also Kit

RELATIONS VIA CHRISTIAN, CHRISTOPHER Christan, Christer, Christie, Christo, Christof, Christos, Christy, Cristy, Kriss

FEMININE creates Chriselda, Christina

CREATIVE FORMS(male) Ciris, .. (female) Chrce, .. Middle NAME PAIRINGSChris Harper (C.H.), ..

How popular is Chris?

Chris is a an extremely popular very first name for males (#96 the end of 1220, top 8%) and likewise a very popular surname because that all human being (#24386 the end of 150436, height 16%). (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS)

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Chris reached its apex rank of #60 in the U.S. In the 1960s, and also is at #614 presently. (2018 U.S. SSA RECORDS)



Which version is better?

Prominent varying forms of chris (#614 THE vault YEAR) provided in the top 2000 space Christopher (#42), Christian (#55), Kit (#1755), Christie, Christos, Christy, Cris, Kris and also Kriss. Fostering of these connections of kris was at its apex 48 years back (AVERAGE #1088) and has become much lower since (#1446, down 75%), v versions choose Chris falling the end of fashion.

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Similar Names

Chris▼ is pronounced likewise to Cruz▲. Other said similar-sounding names are Aris, Arris, Baris, Boris, Ceri, Chai, Chaim▲, Chaps, Charls, Chas▼, Chess, Chic, Chik, Chip, Ciril, Colis, Corie, Corin, Curtis▼, Cyril▼, Cyrus▲, Faris, Idris▲, Jaris, Joris, Moris, Nuris, Paris▼ and also Tris. This names often tend to it is in less commonly used 보다 Chris.