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What does the name Julia Mean?

If girlfriend are searching for a simple and beautiful baby surname with ancient origins, consider the name Julia.

Julia is the feminine form of the Roman household name, Julius, i beg your pardon derives indigenous the surname of the mythological Roman god, Jupiter. Jupiter presided end the heavens and light, and was responsible for the protection and also laws the the roman state. 

Origin: Julia is an old Roman name meaning "supreme god."

Gender: Julia is most typically used as a girl name.

Pronunciation: Jew-lee-uh

Although countless baby names room separated through gender, Verywell family believes that sex go not must play a function in her name selection process. It’s vital to pick a name that you feeling suits your new baby the best.

How popular Is the surname Julia?

Julia was fairly rare throughout the center Ages yet experienced a revival throughout the Italian Renaissance. The surname is at this time used almost everywhere the world, yet it wasn't until the 18th century that it became well-used through English-speakers.

Julia has been a consistently popular name in the joined States. Follow to the Social defense Administration, due to the fact that the year 1900, Julia has actually never dipped listed below position 142, its lowest ever ranking.

Julia's most renowned year was 2001, once it peaked at place 27. This might be concerned the rising popularity the actress Julia Roberts, who starred in "Notting Hill," "Runaway Bride," and also "Erin Brockovich" in the years preceding.

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Julia was a height 100 name in between the year 1900-1933, 1939-1943, and also 1980-2019. Together of the 2020 data, Julia to be the 107th most renowned girl name.

surname Variations

Julia has variations in many languages anywhere the world. The following are sport of Julia:

Ghjulia (Corsican)Giulia (Italian)Giulietta (Italian)Iulia (Romanian)Iuile (Irish)Julie (English)Juliette (French)Julija (Croatian)Julija (Latvian)Julinja (Portuguese)Juliska (Hungarian)Juliya (Russian)Xulia (Galacian)Yulia (Russian)Yuliya (Russian)
Julia Boggs Grant, former an initial Lady of the unified States, mam of Ulysses S. Grant, and author the "The personal Memoirs of Julia Dent Grant"Julia Carolyn Child, American cooking teacher, author, and television personality well-known for pass French cuisine come the American publicJulia Cohen, American previous professional tennis player who won the USTA National spring Championships 12-Under division ChampionshipJulia Fiona Roberts, American actress and also producerJulia Gillard, Australian politician who served as the 27th Prime Minister of Australia and Leader that the labor Party from 2010 come 2013, the an initial and only woman to date to organize either roleJulia Glushko, Israeli tennis playerJulia Görges, German previous professional tennis playerJulia Hall archer Robinson, American mathematician noted for her contributions to the fields of computability theory and computational complexity theoryJulia hunt Morgan, American architect and engineerJulia Karin Ormond, English actressJulia catalent Nancy McKenzie, English actress, singer, presenter, and theater directorJulia Louis-Dreyfus, American actress, comedian, and also producer known for her job-related on "Saturday Night Live"Julia Margaret Cameron, brother photographer that is thought about one the the most important portraitists of the 19th centuryJulia Margaret Duffy, American film, stage, and television actressJulia O'Hara Stiles, American actressJulia, Princess that Battenberg, wife of Prince Alexander that Hesse and by RhineJulia Schruff, retired expert German tennis playerJulia Stegner, German modelJulia Ward Howe, American poet and author, recognized for writing "The fight Hymn the the Republic"

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