What does mark mean?


▼ as a boys" name is express mark. The is the Latin origin, and also the an interpretation of mark is "dedicated to Mars". Anglicized variation of Marcus. Biblical: the roman inn surname of john Mark, missionary companion come Peter and also Paul and writer of one of the four Gospel accounts of Jesus. The famous author Mark twain (originally Samuel Clemens) take it his surname from the contact of Mississippi river boatmen: "Mark twain!" definition that the water was 2 fathoms deep. Traveler Marco Polo; choreographer note Morris; brand-new York governor Mario Cuomo; swimmer mark Spitz; baseball player mark McGwire; fashion designer Marc Jacobs; actors note Harmon, note Wahlberg.STARTS through Mar-

ASSOCIATED WITH committed (faithful), biblical, roman, surname, famous, river, water, deep (dark)


VARIANTS Marc▼, Marco, Marcos, Marcus▼, Marek, Mario, Marius, Markell, Markey, Marko, Marko, Markos, Markov, Markus, Marq, Marque, Marques▼, Marquus

SEE likewise Denmark, Mar-


CREATIVE FORMS(male) (female) middle NAME PAIRINGSMark Marcelino (M.M.), ..

How popular is Mark?

Mark is a very popular first name for males (#14 the end of 1220, height 1%) and also a really popular last surname for all people (#2091 the end of 150436, optimal 1%). (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS)

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Mark reached its apex position of #6 in the U.S. During the year 1960-1969, and also is at #210 currently. (TOP infant NAMES, 2018)



Which variation is better?

Popular varying creates of mark (#210 FROM current DATA) space Marc (#826), Marco (#359), Marcos (#432), Marcus (#209), Marek (#1617), Mario (#325), Marius, Markell (#1820), Marko (#1849), Markus (#1000) and Marques. Adoption of these relations of note was at its many widespread throughout the year 1960-1969 (MEDIAN #1002) and is now much lessened (#1053, ▼85%), with forms such as Marcus coming to be less stylish.

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Similar Names

Recommended sound-alike names are Berk, Birk, Burk, Clark▲, Cork, Derk, Dirk▼, Dyrk, Jerk, Kerk, Kirk▼, Kyrk, Lark, Mabry, Mac▲, Mace, Mack▼, Macy, Mads, Maik, Maks, Malak, Malek, Malik▼, Malki, Man, Mann, Mano, Mar, March, Mareo, Marik, Markel, Marly, Maro, Marom, Marr, Mars, Marsh, Mart, Marti, Marty▼, Marve, Marx, Marzo, Mat▼, Mata, Mats, Matt▼, Matz, Mauro, Maury, Max▲, Maxx, Maxy, Mayo, Mays, Mick, Mirek, Mirko, More, Mori, Mort, Roark, Ruark, Spark, Stark, Turk and York. These names have tendency to be less generally used than Mark.