What go Ricky mean?


as a name for girls (also used more widely together boys" name Ricky) is the Old Norse and also Old German origin, and the surname Ricky means "complete ruler; serene ruler". Ricky is a version of Erica (Old Norse): matarate feminine respelling the Eric. Ricky is additionally a sports of Frederica (Old German): matarat feminine respelling the Frederick. Ricky is likewise used as a derivative that Rica (Old Norse, Old German), and a derivative that Rickie (Old German). See also RichelleSTARTS through Rick-

ASSOCIATED through norse, leader (queen), peaceful


VARIANTS Ryckie, Rycca, Riqua, Rikky, Rikki▼, Rikke, Riki, Rika, Rieka, Riecka, Rieca, Ricquie, Ricki▼, Rickee, Ricca, Rhica


CREATIVE FORMS(female) Roky, .. (male) Ricre, .. Middle NAME PAIRINGSRicky meadow (R.M.), ..

How renowned is Ricky?

Ricky is an unusual given name for women yet a somewhat significant surname for both adults and also children (#99214 the end of 150436, optimal 66%). (2000 U.S. CENSUS)

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Ricky gone into the perform in 1950-1959 and also reached its peak position of #1487 in the U.S. Then, yet is no ranked in ~ the moment. (2018 bear STATISTICS)



Which variation is better?

Erica (#899 VIA recent LIST), Ericka, Frederica, Richelle, Ricki, Rickie and also Rikki space the influential varying creates of Ricky rated in the top 2000. These relations of Ricky reached the height of their popularity 4 decades ago (AVERAGE #1260) and have come to be much much less widespread since, with creates like Ricki ending up being less fashionable.

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Similar Names

Ricky is alike in pronunciation come Reiko, Richia, Ricka and also Rikkie. Other suggested similar-sounding names room Becky▼, Chicky, Jacky, Micky, Nicky, Nikky, Ricci, Rifka, Riley▲, Rivka▲, Rivke, Rivy, Vicky▼ and also Vikky. These names tend to be more commonly provided than Ricky.