I hardly ever think about my own last name, “Van den Berg”, however I do understand that a lot of foreigners think the Dutch surnames sound strange. My very own surname root cause a lot of questions for foreigners: ‘why all those Dutch world have "van" in their last name’ and ‘what walk “van’’ actually mean’? Well, i will shot and explain that come you in this blog!

Why do Dutch have van in your names?​ The literal definition of “van’’ is "from" and "of". The word is often used in Dutch together a prefix to a surname. In surnames it often refers come the ar or area wherein your ancestors come from once they had to select their last name.

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A well-known instance is Rembrandt van Rijn. His ancestors more than likely lived close to the flow De Rijn when they had to select their critical name. That course, there are numerous other instances of famous human being with a surname like this one. Words "van" likewise has multiple interpretations in the netherlands language. Read on together we walk further thorough on this amazing topic.
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The factor Why Dutch world Have "van" in their Name

To discover out the specific reason for this, we should go earlier a long method in history.Even prior to surnames were officially compelled by Napoleon in 1799, numerous people already used surnames. The factor being many world had the same first name and also this can easily reason confusion.So, many human being based their last name on the place or area whereby they come from. This way, everyone knew precisely which person they were handling or talk about.

Rich people, during the Dutch golden Age, used “van’’ in your surnames to indicate which lock or estate lock owned. Lock would usage the name of the estate or castle together their critical name and place words "van" in front of it. This is the situation for example in the name Willem valve den Bergh.The word "van" appears in surnames of every layers of the population. Several of the an ext common and also traditional critical names of households from the lower to middle class are van Beek, valve Bergen en valve Bilthoven.In The Netherlands, the is quite normal to have just "van" in your last name. However, over there are numerous variations with words "van" in dutch surnames. In this instances, various other prefixes are added to the surname, my very own surname is an instance of this, ‘van den Berg’, others encompass “van de”, “van der”, and “van het”.These extra prefixes usually execute not adjust the an interpretation of the surname, although it is said that the much longer the combination of prefixes, the more likely the is the name has actually its origins in the aristocracy.

As language evolves with time it is herbal that there space surnames that used to incorporate multiple prefixes and also that these have slowly developed or disappeared end the centuries. For example, “van de” can have started of as “van den” or “van der”.

Famous civilization With "van" in their Names

Because there space so plenty of surnames in the Netherlands with the word "van" in it, it is logical that there room a most famous people in The Netherlands, and also around the world, who lug a surname consisting of “van’’.Examples the famous civilization with "van" in your names:Vincent valve GoghFamous netherlands painterRembrandt valve RijnFamous dutch painterWillem van OranjeFounder of the netherlands nationVirgil van DijkDutch football playerMarco van BastenDutch football playerEdwin van der SarDutch football playerArmin valve BuurenFamous netherlands DJCarice valve HoutenDutch actressEddie valve HalenGuitarist of valve HalenLudwig valve BeethovenComposer and pianistMartin valve BurenPresident USA (1833 - 1837)
Even the castle of the king the the Netherlands is an example Willem-Alexander valve Oranje-Nassau and his ancestor Willem valve Oranje - Founder that the dutch nation.

Do you Capitalize "van" in dutch Names?

In the netherlands language, a variety of rules use as to even if it is or not you write the word "van" in a surname with a resources letter. Even if it is "van" have to be capitalized counts on what is composed in prior of the surname. If over there is no first letter, an initial name, critical name, or various other prefixes, you have to write "van" through a funding letter.If there is a very first letter, first name, critical name, or various other prefixes in former of the word "van", climate you have to write "van" without a resources letter.

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Example of as soon as to compose "van" a funding letter:

Vincent valve GoghV. Valve Goghmister valve Goghpainter valve Gogh

Is the The Only meaning of "van"?

Now that ns have explained the meaning of the word ‘“van’’ in netherlands surnames i would like to suggest out that the word “van’’ has many other definitions in the dutch language.As many people have told me, ’Dutch is just one of the most daunting languages to learn’. Because that a crash food in the uses and meanings the “van’’ in the dutch language read my explanation below.The literal English translate in of the netherlands word "van" is "of" or "from", but it can be provided in various ways in the dutch language. Its meaning depends top top the paper definition of the sentence.How to usage "van" in various sentences:

Isdieautovanjou?Is = isdie = thatauto = carvan = ofjou = youIsthatcaryours?
Watvindjijervan?Wat = whatvind = thinkjij = youervan = the itWhatdoyouthinkofit
IkgavanAmsterdamnaarNew YorkIk = iga = govan = fromAmsterdamnaar = toNew YorkIgofromAmsterdamtoNew York


So, currently that the use of the prefix “van’’ in dutch surnames might be a tiny bit clearer, any type of of you have discovered that you might have netherlands roots simply by looking an ext closely in ~ your very own last name?