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The posterior is the behind, the postero-dorsal is behind the antero-dorsal.

But as soon as we"re talking about time, postmodern means "of, relating to, or gift an era after a modern-day one".

So room there exceptions to this rule. Space there instances whereby the prefix "post" way the the contrary of "behind", "after", or "afterward"?

I believed "post" meant about the same either if it"s used about time or space, but it seems it"s just in time, not an are it has that "after" meaning. In room ante is the "after" and "post" the behind.

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Why carry out you think the in "postmodern,", post- has actually a different connotation?
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Here room some definitions:

Post (5) prepositionSubsequent to; after: American poetry short article the 1950s hasn’t had actually the same impact- ODO

Before (1) prepositionDuring the period of time preceding (a specific event or time): *she had actually to rest prior to dinner the day prior to yesterday- ODO

Before (2) prepositionIn former of: Matilda stood prior to her, panting- ODO

Consider the concept before.

Imagine travelling along Pall Mall, happen Suffolk St first, then Whitcomb St. If you were to pause between the two streets, which street is before you? You can say that Suffolk St came before, or that Whitcomb St lies before you.

Came before references background in this context, for this reason we usage before (1) to say the Suffolk St is before you. Keep in mind that the very same words "came before" can also be offered to referral position, bring about a similar example to that in the an interpretation of before (2).

Lies before references position, for this reason before (2) applies. In this context, Whitcomb St is before you.

Post also has seemingly difference senses, yet the evident conflict deserve to be resolved more cleanly.

Imagine do a (sequential) list of every little thing you encounter. Climate items later in the perform are claimed to be post the ones previously in the list.

Consider your very first example. Suppose you obtained a dolphin to swim previous an inspection point, note the fins encountered at the inspection point. The antero-dorsal shows up before the postero-dorsal, for this reason they room written in the order ~ above the list. In this sense, the postero-dorsal is justifiably post.

Consider your 2nd example. Now you"re walking with history, encountering the modern-day era before the postmodern. Hence postmodern is written later on in her list, justifying the brand post.

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These seemingly inconsistent uses that post stem native the intrinsically opposite order girlfriend get, relying on what is taken into consideration to be moving: the viewer or the viewed. This likewise explains her delightful comment that "before ... And after would convey about the very same meaning", when we would normally think of them together conveying opposite meanings.