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The important Latin source word port way ‘carry.’ Some typical English native that usage this root incorporate import, export, deport, and report. One easy means to remember this word root is through words portable, i beg your pardon is something the is conveniently ‘carried’ from one place to another.

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re-back, again

People who have actually a good rapport “carry” things “back” come one an additional in a mutual exchange the creates a close connection over time.

Sail right into “Port”

An important and also widely used Latin source word is port, which way ‘carry.’

Humans ‘carry’ points from one ar to one more all the time. Portly humans, because that instance, ‘carry’ a the majority of body weight. As soon as one nation imports goods from another nation, that ‘carries’ them into its very own territory. On the various other hand, to export goods is come ‘carry’ them out of one country to sell to another. Many of these products are portable, or easily ‘carried’ from one country to the next. Human beings can additionally be deported from their very own countries, gift ‘carried’ indigenous one nation to another, commonly for legal proceedings.

When something is important, you want to ‘carry’ it towards yourself to have tendency to it. Reporters, or newspeople that ‘carry’ back information to the public at large, often focusing on important concerns. In fact, reporters talk around sports a great deal, or those creates of entertainment the ‘carry’ you far from everyday activities.

Transportation, or the action of ‘carrying’ people across from one ar to another, forms the communication of much of everyday life. Cars support or ‘carry’ united state in our must go to far places conveniently that walking just can’t accomplish. An even faster method to acquire from one place to another is via teleportation, or the capability to it is in ‘carried’ instantaneously indigenous one ar to another.

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Have you ever before had a porter, or one that ‘carries’ luggage, assist you in ~ a hotel? one old-fashioned type of a leather suitcase is a portmanteau through which one deserve to ‘carry’ a big amount of clothing. A portfolio is additionally a instance in which you deserve to ‘carry’ items, such as works of art or photographs; a portfolio additionally refers come the items put in the portable case.

Import port right into your brain, and also it will ‘carry’ you much with expertise of words!

portly: refers to one that ‘carries’ lot body weight import: ‘carry’ in export: ‘carry’ out portable: conveniently ‘carried’ deport: ‘carry’ from important: ‘carried’ in reporter: one that ‘carries’ back sport: ‘carries’ one far from everyday concerns transportation: act of ‘carrying’ across porter: one that ‘carries’ portmanteau: big ‘carrier’ the clothing portfolio: the which ‘carries’ items, or those items so ‘carried’