—used come emphasize the something is related to as outstanding or surprising wants to be propelled to the airport, in a limousine no less

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Synonyms: Adjective

Antonyms: Adjective

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Less vs. Fewer: usage Guide


The traditional view is the less uses to problem of degree, value, or amount and modifies cumulative nouns, massive nouns, or noun denoting one abstract entirety while fewer applies to problem of number and also modifies plural nouns. Less has actually been provided to modify plural nouns because the job of King Alfred and the usage, despite roundly decried, shows up to be increasing. Less is an ext likely 보다 fewer come modify plural nouns when distances, sums the money, and also a few fixed paragraph are connected less than 100 miles an investment of less 보다 $2000 in 25 indigenous or less and also as likely as fewer come modify periods of time. in less (or fewer) than 4 hours

Adjective We require less speak and much more work! She finished in less time than I did. Less information is sometimes better than an ext detail. 8 times 2 is less 보다 6 time 3. we made it over there in less than 6 hours. The entirety procedure bring away less than 5 minutes. The illness affects less than one percent of the population. Adverb This test seemed much less daunting than the critical one. Which test is the less challenging of the two? execute you have one more one that"s less expensive? She visits lot less often than she used to. They"re focusing more on quality and less top top quantity. Their band is less came to with make music than with making money. Preposition we earned two hundred dollars, less take trip expenses. Adjective suffix my an initial painless day due to the fact that leaving the hospital
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Recent examples on the Web: Adjective The state in the past allowed five media witnesses, although the variety of outlets sending reporters is sometimes less than that. — indigenous Usa this day Network and also Wire Reports, USA TODAY, 22 Oct. 2021 Trout catches have been less than before the freeze and inconsistent. — Matt Wyatt, San Antonio Express-News, 21 Oct. 2021 through less money earmarked for eco-friendly assets spread across more deals, investors have the right to be choosier about which come buy and also can negotiate higher yields. — Anna Hirtenstein, WSJ, 20 Oct. 2021 The cheapest Pixel 6 starts in ~ $599, i beg your pardon is end $200 less than the iphone phone 13, its direct rival. — kris Smith, BGR, 20 Oct. 2021 in spite of generally having significantly less money 보다 peer institutions, women’s colleges give more. — Carrie Kerpen, Forbes, 19 Oct. 2021 So, a buyer could just to buy the 825.6 acres for less money and also forget around the rest. — Phillip Molnar, San Diego Union-Tribune, 15 Oct. 2021 countless of those young civilization are being reared in red states across the sunlight Belt that spend relatively less money on services for children, consisting of education and also health care, Frey and other analysts note. — Ronald Brownstein, CNN, 12 Oct. 2021 Restaurants facing staffing crises have had to mitigate indoor dining capacity, reduced down hrs or close entirely for extra days, an interpretation less money is coming in while prices increase. — Seamus Mcavoy, courant.com, 7 Oct. 2021 Recent instances on the Web: Adverb just 30% of black color Americans under 40 to visit a black church, follow to the Pew study, and also city data shows younger Black human being are less likely than older generations to be vaccinated. — The brand-new York Times, Arkansas Online, 10 Oct. 2021 an additional study found that women that take constant vacations are less likely to end up being tense, depressed, and also tired. — Jessica Zucker, Travel + Leisure, 10 Oct. 2021 however days the stillness it seems ~ less likely to do the exact same sort of impression top top us. — boy name Weil, Washington Post, 9 Oct. 2021 The human being less likely to vote and those who space persuadable voters are an ext likely to it is in closer come the center of the aisle. — harry Enten, CNN, 9 Oct. 2021 substantial time to let go this season would certainly make Beecher less likely to rotate pro v the Bruins in the spring. — BostonGlobe.com, 9 Oct. 2021 children are less likely 보다 adults to endure severe illness from the disease. — Jeanine Santucci, USA TODAY, 9 Oct. 2021 only 30 percent of black Americans under 40 to visit a black church, according to the Pew study, and city data mirrors younger Black human being are less likely 보다 older generations to be vaccinated. — Liam Stack, New York Times, 9 Oct. 2021 The turn 311 is a contempt less powerful Chromebook. — Matt Jancer, Wired, 8 Oct. 2021 Recent instances on the Web: Noun Jobless and benefit-less: What need to COVID-19"s financial victims perform for health and wellness insurance? — Shefali Luthra, Phil Galewitz and also Rachel Bluth, USA TODAY, 3 Apr. 2020 Hassett warned the March project lesses could be amongst the worst top top record. — Kathryn Watson, CBS News, 20 Mar. 2020 yet that doesn"t do the scar (and the autumn that preceded it) any kind of less of an emotionally trauma. — Leah Prinzivalli, Allure, 8 Oct. 2018 The have-lesses would destruction in and hope come sneak other on the break. — Joshua Robinson, WSJ, 17 June 2018 periodically burp-less is offered as a marketing term for eastern varieties the cucumbers. — The editors Of necessary Life, Good Housekeeping, 19 may 2017 examining at residence makes child treatment less of one obstacle and also cuts out commuting time. — Cliff Pinckard, cleveland.com, 4 Feb. 2018 The Giants to be shut the end for the an initial time 13 years at Arizona, pulse-less on offense. — Peter King, SI.com, 26 Dec. 2017 Sleek and also Brushed back Another way to help to minimize the exposure the the scalp is to go part-less with a sleek, brushed back, wet look. — Wendy Sy, Allure, 24 Oct. 2017 Recent examples on the Web: Preposition gain ready for a lot of less facial hair on her television. — Megan Friedman, Country Living, 17 Nov. 2016

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First recognized Use that less


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at feeling 1


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined above


before the 12th century, in the an interpretation defined at sense 1


1623, in the meaning defined above

History and also Etymology for less

Adjective, Adverb, Noun, and also Preposition

center English, partially from Old English lǣs, adverb & noun; partially from lǣssa, adjective; akin to Old frisian lēs less

Adjective suffix

center English -les, -lesse, from Old English -lēas, native lēas devoid, false; akin to Old High German lōs loose, Old English losian to obtain lost — more at shed