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-ment,suffix.-ment is attached to verb to type nouns that describe the activity of the verb:govern+-ment → government.-ment is likewise attached to verb to type nouns that describe a state or problem resulting indigenous the activity of a verb:refresh+-ment → refreshment.-ment is fastened to verb to type nouns that refer to a product resulting from the action of a verb: frag-+-ment → fragment (= a piece resulting native the breaking off of something).
-ment,a suffix that nouns, regularly concrete, denoting an action or result state (abridgment; refreshment), a product (fragment), or way (ornament).
-ment suffix forming nouns describe state, condition, or quality: enjoyment indicating the result or product of one action: embankment indicating procedure or action: managementEtymology: indigenous French, from Latin -mentum
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-ment suffix reduce During negotiations, management showed up agree<-/ment/able/s> to the idea of raising the staff's wages.fly turn off on the understanding of the mo­mentpronunciation: cement pronounced as see-ment Those suffixes have a certain meaning?what shade is mentword formation: -ment or -ation
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