If you have spent any time talk to Spaniards in Spain, in ~ some suggest someone has actually probably dubbed you tío or tía (masculine and also feminine versions of the very same word), or talked about someone else utilizing this slang term, or the word’s many tíos .

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If girlfriend were favor me once I an initial moved to Spain, and also spoke tiny Spanish, you may have been too shy to ask what that meant.

Thankfully, that is not just easy to interpret into English, yet the Spanish native tío or tía is just one more of those cute slang terms civilization in Spain regularly use to refer to others.

“Hey tío/tía, just how are you?”

The literal meaning translation that the word into English would certainly be ‘uncle’ because that tío and also ‘aunt’ because that tía. In many situations in Spain, however, that is not how the word is used.

That is because, in contemporary day Spain, the word has actually been embraced as a slang term. That term is generally either a way of referring to just a generic human being — “Who is your cousin dating?” “I don’t know. Part tío she met in ~ work” (some dude/guy she met at work) — or it is offered as a ax of endearment native one girlfriend to another.

Hey tía, how are you? ns haven’t seen you because that a while“.

Tío or tía is nothing much more than a cute slang term¿Qué pasa tíos?

You will likewise hear the plural version of tío and also tía — tíos — used all the moment in Spain.

Tíos is provided in the same means a indigenous English speaker would use words ‘guys‘. “How’s it going, guys” in Spanish is ¿Qué pasa tíos?

So, the following time someone refers to you through the term tía or tío, or includes you in their ¿Qué pasa tíos?, simply smile and reply. Safe in the expertise you are currently classified as being as lot of a local as the rest of them.

Now clock the handy video clip from learn Spanish free below to find out precisely how to pronounce tío, tía and tíos in Spanish.

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And, if you store hearing one more slang ax — guapa/guapo — and don’t recognize what they median either — here’s another quick Spanish lesson the may simply help.

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