The cable network has actually also embraced its very first tagline in an ext than 5 years with a brand-new multimillion-dollar rebranding campaign.

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TLC is (finally) giving itself a tiny tender love care.

The cable network house to Here come Honey Boo Boo, 19 Kids and also Counting and Buying naked is set to unveil a new brand campaign and introduce its very first tagline in more than five years, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

TLC — previously known as The finding out Channel — has redefined what it means and taken on the famous colloquial expression “tender loving care” in a bid to connect its heartwarming programming v viewers in a more emotional fashion. As part of the rebranding, TLC will unveil a multimillion-dollar project with the tagline “Everyone needs a little TLC.”

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Starting Tuesday, on-air spots (video below) will certainly debut top top networks consisting of USA, TNT, TBS and ABC family focusing top top “The Moment,” highlighting programming moments that feature heart, humor, hope and human connection featured top top its programming.

The print campaign will encompass what the calls a family members portrait (seen above) special its most recognizable talent in an effort to said its stars with viewers.

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” ‘Everyone demands a little TLC’ speak to our mission of bringing viewers the content and experiences that resonate v their lives, and give castle a opportunity to fulfill their fascination with the unknown and understand the bigger world around them,” claimed TLC GM Nancy Daniels. “TLC’s brand promise hasn’t changed: share remarkably relatable real-life story without judgment — and we’ll proceed to be the best destination to find the particularly in the everyday.”

“In today’s world, world seem to gravitate to the familiar, comfortable and like-minded,” included TLC and Animal planet exec vp marketing Vicki Lowell. “Society have the right to seem therefore polarized. TLC shines a irradiate on the unfamiliar and embraces the extraordinary, yet in the finish brings united state the relatable life experiences us all re-superstructure that keep viewers coming back. It’s an uplifting brand that difficulties beliefs and also changes hearts. And who doesn’t require a small TLC?”

The brand-new campaign comes after the network introduced an on-air update in may that included the tagline and also a fresh brand-new color palette. Lowell led the rebrand together Tom King and Rose Stark in collaboration with Discovery’s in-house creative team, The Agency, because that the print campaign and Ultrabrand because that the on-air spot. Leroy and also Clarkson to be responsible for the on-air graphic refresh.