The full title that this song, together presented in the chorus, is “I don’t want to wait in vain for your love”. And the sentence does a nice sound project of encapsulating what this rigid is about. For the lyrics generally point us in the direction that the addressee being a romantic interest of the vocalist, however one he has yet come conquer, so come speak.

And according to the vocalist, this is someone who he has actually been chasing for a solid “three years”. So by this point we can say that, understandably, he’s a bit disheartened. In other words, he doesn’t desire to proceed pursuing homegirl if there’s no chance of her ever giving in to his love.

So it’s choose now, he wants her come definitively permit him recognize whether their relationship will go there or not. However, it have to be provided that one line in the 2nd verse does indicate he is already familiar v ‘her love’. Or if not, climate Bob is able come perceive beforehand that being the receiver of it will be a major kind of “relief” native his stresses.

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Lyrics of “Waiting in Vain” room Autobiographical?

And we know that Bob Marley was one of those varieties of singers who supposed what that sang and also sang what that meant. So through that in mind, it has actually been concluded that this tune is around a real-life romantic he was in at the time.

Of course Bob was married come Rita and also had to be from 1966 until his passing. Moreover, Rita Marley was concurrently part of the Wailers. But all text considered, this tune wouldn’t be around their relationship, unless maybe Bob was harping earlier to the days of your courtship throughout the 1960s.

Thus the more acceptable explanation has been the in this song, Bob to be referring come his extra-marital connection with Canadian-Jamaican beauty beauty queen Cindy Breakspeare, who he summary dated during the late-1970s. This is a theory which Breakspeare herself has supported, though she noted that the stare is stretched a little.

But that aside, most just put what us are managing are the sentiments the a man who is tired of gift led on through a romantic interest. And also to note, it doesn’t review as if he’s offering her an ultimatum like ‘date me, or ns out’. Rather the means the singer comes off is much more along the present of ‘I’ve been waiting to have you for so long, for this reason please give in already’.

Indeed the implicit is that if the recipient weren’t likewise interested, climate she most likely would have actually terminated this reasonably extended courtship a lengthy time ago.


Facts around “Waiting in Vain”

Bob Marley wrote “Waiting in Vain, similar to virtually every one of the monitor featured on the album that is acquired from. And that album would certainly be 1977’s Exodus. And he and the Wailers produced it as a unit.

The official release day of this song, similar to the entirety of Exodus, was on 3 June 1977, via the collaborative efforts of Tuff Gong and Island Records. However, this track was likewise issued together the third single from the album part time throughout 1977.

And in that case on the B-side to be a track entitled Roots. Roots was actually not added to the playlist of Exodus until the Deluxe Edition of the album come out in 2001.

Upon release, “Waiting in Vain” made it onto the height 30 that the UK Singles Chart. Also come note, Scottish songstress Annie Lennox covered “Waiting in Vain” in 1995, breaking the height 40 of stated list.

As with many of Bob Marley’s classics, an main music video clip to “Waiting in Vain” was no made till well ~ his passing. And in this case, according to IMDb the clip was put together in 1984 and would have actually actually been filmed in Hawaii.


More exciting Facts

Even some four decades after his passing, Bob Marley (1945-1981) is still unanimously thought about to be the biggest reggae artist to ever before grace the music industry. 

In some components of the civilization people are even more familiar with his work than the of the late, good Michael Jackson (1958-2009). 

Jah Bob, alongside the Wailers, dropped countless hits during his day. However, as implied earlier, together the entertainment people seems to go sometimes, he seems to have become more of a legend after ~ his passing, with Marley leaving the mortal plane at the period of 36 due to cancer.

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Marley, being who he was, had a bunch of children via various women. And also though he and the abovementioned Cindy Breakspeare, who won the Miss civilization beauty pageant in 1976, just dated because that a year, in the time he did control to impregnate her. And this resulted in the birth of her very first child and officially Marley’s 11th and last, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley in 1978, that actually verified to be the best musician the end of every one of the youngsters Bob sired.