Does WC median welcome?

The definition of WC So now you understand – WC way “Welcome” or “Water Closet, toilet” – don’t give thanks to us. WC is one acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained over where the WC definition is given.

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What is the difference between toilet and also WC?

In brother English, “bathroom” is a usual term however is generally reserved for personal rooms primarily used for bathing; a room there is no a bathtub or shower is more often well-known as a “WC”, one abbreviation because that water closet, or “loo”. Larger residences often have a secondary room through a toilet and also sink for use by guests.

What is the short kind of welcome?

WELWelcome computing » TextingRate it:
WELWelcome CommunityRate it:
WLCWelcome internet » ChatRate it:
WCWelcome web » ChatRate it:
WLCMWelcome internet » ChatRate it:

What does WC stand for in Germany?

water closet

Why room toilets dubbed 00?

According come the legend this heritage was began by many hotels in the 19th century. Unlike now there to be a solitary bathroom for a whole floor. This room was at the beginning of the hallway and not a genuine guest room. Hoteliers therefore used the room number “00”.

Does Germany usage bidets?

Not common in Germany. Dosen’t issue if near french border or any other border. I live in Germany for virtually 30 years now and also have checked out a bidet when in a hotel. So till I install a bidet in my very first German apartment, I’d have to do to buy / travel runs across the border come have accessibility to a bidet.

Can girlfriend pee in a bidet?

Peeing is allowed in this device as the toilet seat is where your bidet is fixed, and also it does not come in contact with urine. For a man, girlfriend should location the bidet toilet chair upright prior to urinating and replace it when you space done.

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Why space German bathrooms so weird?

It is no hygienic – the smell is ungodly. The only conceivable explanation is that Germans love to examine their stool, for this reason the German toilet that necessity features a built-in stool inspection shelf. Further research has revealed the the German toilet is in truth designed to facilitate stool examination.


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