What illustration Does Elena become A Vampire? & 9 Other vital Elena illustration From The Vampire Diaries together the star of The Vampire Diaries, Elena Gilbert"s story is the most important to the show. What are her biggest moments in the supernatural drama?

Elena Gilbert has a far-ranging supernatural evolution in The Vampire Diaries, walking from human being to vampire to human being once again. The doppelganger is attracted into the dangerous world of the undead as soon as vampire brothers Stefan and Damon go back to Mystic Falls. Conflicted by she feelings because that the Salvatores, Elena embarks top top passionate affairs with both brothers that result in several life-altering moments.

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Elena"s relationships through the Salvatores, as well as her mysterious lineage as a Petrova doppelganger, result in many alters in she life, including her transition into a vampire. Elena"s season 4 journey together a brand-new member the the undead continues to be a an essential stage in her ever-increasing journey throughout the series.

it seemed inevitable from the start of The Vampire Diaries that Elena would eventually become a vampire. The collection heroine perishes in season 3"s finale "The Departed" after ~ crashing into the watery depths listed below Wickery Bridge. Elena dies with Damon"s blood in she system, triggering she transition.

The first episode that season 4, "Growing Pains," features Elena comes to terms with her transformation. Versus Bonnie"s efforts, the doppelganger is forced to drink human being blood and complete her readjust into one of the undead.

9 conference Stefan - "Pilot" S1.E1

Elena"s life alters forever as soon as she meets Stefan Salvatore in the pilot episode. Still reeling indigenous the death of her parents, the doppelganger is attracted to the mysterious brand-new student in ~ Mystic falls High and immediately i do not care enamored through him.

Her partnership with Stefan alters the course of the show. While not an endgame pairing, Elena"s romance v Stefan helps her to mourn the previous and embrace the future.

Elena to learn the truth around her brand-new beau during season 1"s "Lost Girls." after ~ confronting Stefan, the vampire relents and tells her about his background as a vampire, as well as revealing Damon"s culpability in the town"s recent murders.

Initially, Elena battles to see past Stefan"s true nature. But she eventually pertains to terms through Stefan"s undead status gradually to address the aftermath of Damon transforming Vicki into a vampire.

7 Jenna"s fatality - "The Sun additionally Rises" S2.E21

Elena tragically loses an integral human in her life during the moonstone ritual in season 2. After living in fear of Klaus for most of the season, she is sacrificed by the initial hybrid to break the curse the restricts his werewolf heritage.

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During the ritual, Klaus turns Elena"s aunt Jenna into a vampire before staking her to death in sacrifice. This heart-wrenching moment is among TVD"s saddest moments, depriving Elena of a lover parental figure.

despite initially fallout’s in love through Stefan, Elena struggles with her feelings because that both Salvatore brothers throughout the an initial half that the series. Throughout a road expedition to Denver to view Jeremy, Elena offers in to she feelings because that Damon and also engages the vampire in a steamy motel make-out session.

Although this isn"t Elena"s an initial kiss through Damon, it represents her exhilaration on she feelings and taking matters into her very own hands. She initiates her encounter through Damon and enables herself to provide in come emotions because that the elder Salvatore.

5 transforming Off Her mankind - "Stand through Me" S4.E15

Elena"s people is rocked through grief as soon as again throughout the fourth season that The Vampire Diaries. Katherine ambushes the group and kills Jeremy by feeding him to Silas prior to fleeing with the cure. Broken by the fatality of her brother, Elena turns her humankind off in ~ Damon"s behest.

"Stand by Me" explores the relationship in between the Gilbert siblings. Elena breaks under after agree the reality of Jeremy"s death, before chillingly burn their residence to the ground after shutting out her emotions.

True to kind for Mystic Falls, Elena"s graduation is anything yet uneventful. V her humanity back and the sire link broken, the doppelganger and also her friends relocate on to battle a collection of vengeful ghosts if the veil come the various other Side is lowered.

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Elena"s time at high school concludes through an epos showdown against Katherine the sees the larger vampire ingest the cure. The episode culminates with Elena selecting Damon, both of castle oblivious come the return that Silas.

3 taking The cure - "I"d leave My Happy residence For You" S6.E20

Elena accepts life as a vampire but never stop longing for she humanity. In season 6"s "I"d leave My Happy house For You," she finally gets what she wants when Damon agrees to take the cure through her, offering up his vampirism to pursue a human being life.

The couple takes time to reap the services of being a vampire one critical time prior to embarking ~ above the following stage of your life together. Elena bring away the cure and also becomes person again — but their happy ending is shortly postponed.

The real-life exit of actress Nina Dobrev brought about Elena"s character being written right into a cursed coma in the season 6 finale. Kai"s spell tethers Elena"s life to her finest friend Bonnie, preventing the doppelganger native waking up while the Bennett witch lives.

Elena shares emotional goodbyes with her loved ones before being left come sleep in a coffin, including a final dance with Damon ~ above the roadway where lock met.

1 Reuniting with Her love Ones - "I Was emotion Epic" S8.E16

Elena awakens from she enchanted sleep throughout the series finale "I Was feeling Epic." Mystic falls is conserved from hellfire as soon as Bonnie and also the soul of the Bennett witches rally to safeguard the town. Empowered by the exceptional feat, Bonnie finally breaks Kai"s curse, leading to Elena to wake up up in ~ last.

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She reunites v Damon and also lives to command a regular life v her human lover. "I Was emotion Epic" gives a suitable conclusion come Elena"s journey, consisting of a reunion with her parental in the afterlife. Together with her change into a vampire in "Growing Pains," the finale remains among Elena"s strongest episodes indigenous the series.