Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t just the most renowned soccer player in the world; yes sir a great chance he’s the most well known athlete in the world.

For starters, the Portuguese national is the most followed person top top Instagram, with more than 240 million followers. Because that reference, that has an ext followers 보다 Ariana Grande, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kim Kardashian, and Beyoncé.

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While he absolutely knows just how to rack up the followers, Ronaldo has likewise made a name for self on the field. He has played in numerous people Cups top top teams almost everywhere the world and continues come be effective on the pitch.From being called after a previous US chairman to managing health worries as a child, right here are eight facts you have to know around the soccer star.

He Was called After a U.S. President

Believe it or not, yet Ronaldo was named after previous United says President Ronald Reagan. Reagan to be Ronaldo’s father’s favourite actor, and he thought it to be a strong name. Not to mention, Reagan was president once Ronaldo was born in 1985.

He Didn’t prosper Up through A the majority of Money

Though Ronaldo is just one of the wealthiest athletes the end there, the didn’t flourish up through a many money. In fact, the was compelled to re-publishing a bedroom v his two sisters and his brother as a child.

A Blessing in Disguise

When he to be 14 years old, Ronaldo to be expelled for throwing a chair in ~ a teacher. However, rather of forcing him earlier into school, his mother permitted him to pursue soccer full-time. Indigenous that minute on, Ronaldo has actually focused exclusively on the sport.

Diagnosed through a love Condition

Ronaldo came to be interested in football at a very young age, but a love condition nearly prevented the from playing the sport altogether. Once he to be a teenager he was diagnosed through a “racing heart,” which expected his heart was beating much faster than a typical heart. Thankfully, he was able to undergo an operation that fixed his resting heart rate.

Lifetime Deal

Ronaldo is simply the 3rd athlete to authorize a life time endorsement deal with Nike, following in the footsteps that Michael Jordan and LeBron James. In fact, this deal is supposed to knife Ronaldo a exchange rate dollars in his lifetime.

First Portuguese Player

Back in 2003, Ronaldo joined Manchester unified in the English Premier League. He was simply a teenager in ~ the time, but he came to be the very first Portuguese player to ever before join the club.

Does no Drink Alcohol

Ronaldo has revealed he no drink alcohol due to the fact that his father was an alcoholic. In fact, his father died from a liver problem at just 52 years old.

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Father the Four

Ronaldo first became a father once his son, Cristiano Jr., was born in June 2010. That had full custody of the child and stated the he wasn’t going to reveal the identity of his young mother.

He then became a dad to pair — daughter Eva and son Mateo — in June 2017 via surrogacy. That then had actually his fourth child, daughter Alana Martina, in November 2017 when his girl friend Georgina Rodriguez.