The formula in the image below in cell D25 is=IF(B25,C25, 0), and the formula is copied to the other cells in that column. This means cells in the D column should take on the value in the C column (same row) if the B column cell for that row evaluates to TRUE (e.g. =1). Yet, this one"s evaluating to 1 instead of 0.5 as it should. Why?

Automatic formula calculation is on and I did a Calculate Now before taking this screenshot.


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Excel is automatically rounding to the width of the column.

To display "0.5" the column width must be greater than 3.

Pressing Increase Decimal won"t do a thing unless the column is wide enough, so the first step is to increase column width. Unless you"ve previously formatted the cell to round to integer values, that alone should solve it.


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