Equivalent fractions can be defined as fountain that might have different numerators and denominators yet they stand for the exact same value. For example, 9/12 and 6/8 are identical fractions since both room equal come 3/4.

All identical fractions get diminished to the same fraction in their simplest kind as checked out in the above example. Explorethe givenlesson to gain a much better idea of how to uncover equivalent fractions and how to check if the offered fractions space equivalent.

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1.What Are indistinguishable Fractions?
2.How To find Equivalent Fractions?
3.How to recognize if two Fractions are Equivalent?
4.Equivalent fractions Chart
5.FAQs onEquivalent Fractions

What Are identical Fractions?

Two or more fractions are claimed to be indistinguishable if they are equal come the same fraction when simplified. Because that example, the equivalent fractions the 1/5are5/25, 6/30, and 4/20, which on simplification, result inthe exact same fraction, that is, 1/5.

Equivalent fractions Definition:

Equivalent fountain are characterized as those fountain which are equal to the very same value regardless of whether of their numerators and also denominators. For example, both 6/12 and also 4/8 space equal to 1/2, once simplified, which way they are indistinguishable in nature.

Examples of equivalent Fractions

Here space some examples of equivalent fractions.

Example:1/2, 2/4, 3/6, and 4/8 are tantamount fractions.


Let us see exactly how their values room equal. Us will represent each of the fractions as circles with shaded parts.


Here, we can see the the lot of shaded portion is the exact same in every the circles. Hence,1/2, 2/4, 3/6, and also 4/8are tantamount fractions.

Equivalent fractions have the right to be written by multiply or separating both the numerator and the denominator through the same number. This is the reason why this fractions get decreased to the exact same number once they space simplified. Let us recognize the two ways in i beg your pardon we deserve to make tantamount fractions:

Multiply the numerator and also the denominator through the same number.Divide the numerator and also the denominator by the exact same number.

1. Multiplythe Numerator and also Denominator through the same Number

To uncover the tantamount fractions for any type of given fraction, main point the numerator and the denominator through the very same number. Because that example, to discover an equivalentfraction of 3/4, multiplythe numerator 3 and also the denominator 4by the exact same number, say, 2. Thus, 6/8 is one equivalent portion of 3/4. We can discover some other indistinguishable fractions by multiply the numerator and the denominator of the given portion by samenumber.

3/4= \(\dfrac3 \times 34 \times 3\) =9/123/4=\(\dfrac3 \times 44 \times 4\) =12/163/4=\(\dfrac3 \times 54 \times 5\) =15/20

Thus, the equivalent fractions of 3/4are 6/8, 9/12, 12/16, and 15/20.

2. Dividethe Numerator and Denominator through the exact same Number

To find the identical fractions for any type of given fraction, dividethe numerator and also the denominator by the very same number. Because that example, to find an equivalent portion of 72/108, we will first find their typical factors. We know that 2is a usual factor of both 72 and also 108. Hence, one equivalent fraction of 72/108 deserve to be discovered by splitting its numerator and denominator by 2. Thus, 36/54 is an equivalent portion of 72/108. Let united state see just how the fraction is additional simplified:

2is a common factor the 36 and also 54. Thus, 36/54= \(\dfrac36 \div 254 \div 2\)= 18/27Again, 3 is a usual factor the 18 and also 27. Thus, 18/27= \(\dfrac18 \div 327 \div 3\)=6/9Again, 3 is a usual factor the 6 and also 9. Thus, 6/9=\(\dfrac6 \div 39 \div 3\)=2/3

Therefore, a fewequivalent fractions of 72/108 space 36/54, 18/27, 6/9, and 2/3. Here, 2/3is the simplified type of 72/108 together there is no usual factor (other than 1) of 2 and also 3.

We should simplify the offered fractions to uncover whether castle are equivalent or not. Leveling to gain equivalent numbers can be done toa suggest where both the numerator and also denominator need to still be totality numbers. There space various approaches to recognize if the provided fractions room equivalent. Few of them are:

Making the denominators the sameFinding the decimal kind of both the fractionsCross multiplication methodVisual method

Let us recognize whether 2/6 and also 3/9 are equivalent fractions by each of this methods.

1. Make the platform the Same

The platform of the fractions, 2/6 and also 3/9are 6 and also 9. The LCM that the denominators 6 and also 9 is 18. Let united state make the platform of both fractions 18, by multiply them with an ideal numbers.

2/6=\(\dfrac2 \times 36 \times 3\)= 6/183/9=\(\dfrac3 \times 29 \times 2\)= 6/18

We have the right to observe thatboth the fractions are identical to the same fraction 6/18.Thus, the given fractions room equivalent.

Note:If the fractions space NOT equivalent, us can inspect the higher or smaller portion by looking in ~ the numerator of both the result fractions. Hence,this method can also be used for compare fractions.

2. Finding the Decimal kind of Both the Fractions

Let us uncover the decimal type of both the fractions 2/6 and also 3/9 to watch if they offer the exact same value.

2/6= 0.3333333...3/9= 0.3333333...

The decimal values of both the fractions space the exact same and hence, they room equivalent.

3. Cross Multiplication Method

To identify whether 2/6 and 3/9 space equivalent, us cross main point them.If both the assets are the same, the fractions space equivalent.


Since both the assets here space 18, thegiven fractions space equivalent.

3. Visual Method

Let us stand for each of the fountain 2/6 and also 3/9 pictorially on similar shapes and also check if the shaded sections of both room equal.


We can see that the shaded parts of both circles are equal. Hence, the given fractions room equivalent.

Charts and tables are frequently used come represent principles in a much better way due to the fact that they offer as a handy referral for calculations and are less complicated to understand. Anchor charts and tables, likethe one offered below, makeit simpler for the students come understand equivalent fractions. Let united state use the following chart to discover the indistinguishable fractions the 1/4.


From this chart, we deserve to observe the the indistinguishable fractions the 1/4 are: 2/8, 3/12, 4/16,...

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Important Notes

Two fractions are said to be equivalent if their values (decimal/graphical) room the same.We generally multiply the numerator and also denominator the a fraction by the exact same number to gain its identical fraction.The "Cross multiplication method" is provided to recognize whether "any 2 fractions" are identical or not."Making the denominators the same" is another method used to recognize if "two or more fractions" room equivalent.