David Eric Grohl was born top top January 14, 1968 in Warren, Ohio. He grew up in Springfield, Virginia with his mother, ~ his parental divorced. He started playing etc at the period of twelve, and learned it mainly by himself. Later inhigh college Dave played in pair of bands,including“Freak Baby” at the time of which that learned come play the drums. At the age of seventeen that dropped out of high school, end went ~ above a tour through the band “Scream”. In 1990 he became friend through Buzz Osborne native the tape “Melvins” who introduced him to kurt Cobain and also Krist Novoselic. Couple of months later he joined “Nirvana”. And also started functioning on the “Nevermind” v Kurt and Krist. Album confirmed to be an excellent success for the band, ending up being number one on the Billboard graph in 1992.

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After Kurt’s death in 1994, Dave began working top top his own stuff, and played with few bands top top occasions, prefer Pearl Jam and also Tom Petty and also the Heartbreakers. In July 1995 Dave recruited members because that his own band, through whom he exit the album called “Foo Fighters”. In 1997 come their 2nd album, “TheColorand the Shape” which spawned numerous hits prefer “Everlong” and also “My Hero”. Dave ongoing working with the Foo Fighers and released six more albums, critical one in 2011 named “Wasting Light”.

Dave Grohl’s electric Guitars:

Gibson Trini Lopez

From aninterview through Gibson:“This etc I’ve made every solitary Foo Fighters record with,” said Grohl, if holding the hollowbody guitar. “This is a beautiful guitar. I observed this in a guitar shop in Bethesda, Maryland. I think it was 1992, ’93 or something favor that. Ns think ns was tho in Nirvana when I bought it. I assumed it was unusual. It looks like a Gibson ES-335, other than it has actually diamond-shaped f-holes and has this different headstock top top it. And I didn’t really understand anything around Trini Lopez, the artist, when I to buy it.”

As said, this etc is featured on all Foo Fighters’ albums, and is among Dave’s favorites.“This is the sound the the Foo Fighters, this guitar,” Grohl continued. “On every record, I can use various guitars now and also then. Because that the most part, it’s just this.”

Dave has couple of various guitars of the very same model. His main is the red one, yet he also uses a Gibson practice seriesDG-335 guitars, which are based on this guitar. Dave offers them top top live gigs in addition to the initial one, and also he hasat leasttwo in black and also one in blue (probably a couple of more).

Here’s one interview through Dave explaining his rig.

Gibson Explorer

Dave has 4 Explorers, one in white, and three painted black. He played them largely on live performances, native the duration of the first album in 1994, up until the relax of “One by One” in 2001.

Gibson Firebird

Dave had a few of these, some in perham blue, and some in black. He supplied them throughout the “In her Honor” era.

Gibson Les Paul

AlthoughDave is not recognized forusingLes Pauls, he played them on couple of occasions. Most likely the mostnotableperformancewas v the Budweiser Les Paul he play the job after American race auto driver Dale Earnhardtdied. Dave stated that Dale Earnhardt Jr. Offered him the guitar, so he play it together a tribute.

Source from Wikipedia notes that he owned at the very least three much more Les Pauls, two black and one white.

Gibson SG

Used indigenous 1995–2000, 2 white, one black, and also one cherry red.

Ampeg Lucite Dan Armstrong Plexi Guitar

Dave has atleast 4 that these, and also he had played them together his main guitar throughout the “One by One” era.

The human body on this guitar was developed of plexiglass, and it hascustom removable pickups.

1972 Fender Telecaster Custom

Dave usually supplies 1972 deluxe models equipped v a humbucker in the neck, and also single-coil in the leg position.

Gretsch White Falcon

Seen in the Monkey Wrench video.

Dave Dearnaley flying V

Used in “Rope” music video.

Manson MA Custom

Used live at the 2011 Isle of Wight Festival.

Dave Grohl Acoustic Guitars:

Gibson Elvis Presley Dove

Dave’s main acoustic; viewed on numerous live performances.

Martin D-28

One that the most well-known videos of Dave ~ above YouTube is one in which he sings Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”. The guitar he supplied was a young name D-28.

Here’s a attach to the video:Dave Grohl small Dancer


Dave seems to be using couple of various models the Taylor acoustics.

If you’ve seen the video clip where he plays the “Stairway come heaven”, he seems to be making use of Taylor at an early stage 900 series, and also on the “Wheels” acoustic he supplied the Taylor 612ce.

Dave Grohl’s Amps:

– Fender Tone master Heads Dave has two that these, and uses them together his key amps on-stage.

–Custom Audio Amplifiers 100W These room custom do 100W heads. Dave has two of them.

–Mesa Boogie twin Rectifier Dave offered these for the “dirty” sounds. He later switched toMesa Boogie roadway King heads.

–Vox AC-30 Used for clean sounds.

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To define this a tiny bit further, here’s a quote indigenous Dave’stechnician Joe Beebe:“I got rid of the extra amps. Before, once he want a cleaner sound, the A/B crate would gain a signal from the Vox AC30, which sound great. Once he wanted a dirty sound, he would go come the Mesa Boogie, and there to be a Marshall that remained in the mix every as soon as in a while. I got rid of that and I to buy a three-channel amp in ~ the time, and now we use four-channel amps, so ns can get a wide selection of tones and also sounds. I favor the Mesa Boogie road Kings due to the fact that 1) lock sound good, and also 2) they’re bullet-proof. We’ve dropped our racks off the loading docks, and also when friend fire them as much as see if lock work, they actually sound better! and also they’re a huge company that have a lot of of equipment in every country and also you acquire a many support. If I need anything, they really take care of us!”For full interview click here:Joe Beebe: Dave Grohl’s etc Tech

Dave Grohl’s Effects:

– boss DD-3 Delay

–MXR step 90

–Boss TU-2 tuner(two of them – because that acoustic and also electric)

–Voodoo lab Pedal strength 2 Plus(power source)

–ProCo Rat Distortion

– MXR clever Gate

–Shure UHF-R wireless system

Dave Grohl’s guitar Strings:

–D’Addario EXL 115with the .42 because that the A-string and .60 because that the E.