Well, of course you can chew gum and also wear braces. But, should you chew gum and wear braces? That can be a sticky question.

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For many years, the answer to be a certain “No.” Not only did our favourite chewables literally gum up the (dental) works, however they were filled with loads of the sugar the cavity-causing bacteria love to feeding on. The result? A much far better chance of damage to your orthodontic work, and also a greater risk the cavities near your brackets and also wires.

But times, and gum recipes, change. Today’s sugar-free gum provides us through some brand-new ideas to chew over.

Sugarless gum is much much less sticky than continuous gum, so the is much less likely come stick to your appliance. If over there is any kind of chance that gum will damage your wires or brackets, we’ll allow you understand that it’s best to wait till your braces room off come indulge.Some orthodontic patients uncover that their jaws and ligaments are less sore if castle chew gum for a few minutes after ~ an adjustment.Most important, studies indicate that chewing sugarless gum can actually help prevent caries from forming. Just how is the possible?

Because chewing gum boosts our production of saliva! Okay, we don’t normally discover saliva an exciting, exclamation-point-worthy topic, yet let’s look in ~ the dental benefits:

Saliva washes far food particles and bacteria. And also because braces deserve to trap food once we eat, it’s good to have some help washing away any meal-time souvenirs.Saliva help neutralize acids in the mouth. The acids uncovered in foods and produced by dental bacteria result in cavities, for this reason diluting and neutralizing their effects administer important security for ours enamel.Saliva helps bathe the this in mineral that can actually rebuild weakened enamel. Acids in the mouth assault minerals in the enamel such as the calcium and also phosphate that strengthen our teeth. Fortunately, saliva gives calcium, phosphate, and fluoride that deserve to actually assist rebuild dilute enamel.

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So, should girlfriend chew gum and wear braces? The real question is, have to you chew gum while you’re in braces? Drs. Craig Willis, Morris L. Poole, and also Morris N. Poole and also our team are much more than happy to administer the appropriate answer for you! talk to united state at your following visit to our Logan, Smithfield, Providence, and Preston, UT office around the potential benefits and drawbacks that dentist-approved sugarless gum. Depending upon the type of gum friend choose and the kind of orthodontic work-related you are having actually done, the prize just can surprise you.