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The diction and also descriptions pertained to Jay Gatsby"s sentiments about Daisy do it evident that she has become the can be fried dream come him. In his mind, she has achieved an practically godlike status. Reuniting with Daisy and attaining her affection has become a singular goal because that him, and also that...

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The diction and descriptions pertained to Jay Gatsby"s sentiments around Daisy do it apparent that she has come to be the can be fried dream come him. In his mind, she has completed an practically godlike status. Reuniting v Daisy and attaining she affection has become a singular goal because that him, and that is why his preparations for their conference are entirely focused on creating the ideal setup for their reunion. He has Nick"s grass cut, for example, and also has flowers and greens delivered to his house.

However, when Jay finally meets Daisy, he is overwhelmed through the occasion. The fact that his dream have come true is just too much to bear, and he tells Nick:

“This is a terrible mistake,” the said, shaking his head from next to side, “a terrible, damaging mistake.”

Jay idolized Daisy because that so long that he cannot believe that she was likewise embarrassed through the possibility of your meeting. In his mind, Daisy is perfect, therefore how could she suffer such a failure emotion?

Jay is in such a state of reverence that, when he returns to the room come speak v Daisy, he opens up the door "cautiously." Nicks notics a "confounding" change in the later.

He precise glowed; without a indigenous or a gesture of exultation a new well-being radiated indigenous him and also filled the small room

There were twinkle-bells the sunshine in the room, that smiled choose a weather man, prefer an ecstatic patron that recurrent light.

Jay Gatsby is spellbound, and also everything about him becomes a fantasy. The cannot take his eyes off Daisy, and also "he revalue everything in his residence according come the measure up of solution it attracted from she well-loved eyes." Nick notices that Jay " down favor an overwound clock." our protagonist is in such awe and he appears to want to carry out too lot to make up for lost time.

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Jay"s vision of Daisy is delusional, and also Nick comments that she "tumbled short of his dreams." Jay"s idea of her has end up being too large for that to be real. Jay Gatsby"s stupendous idea of Daisy, his holy Grail, ironically remains an illusion. Although they reunite, the dream never becomes a irreversible reality.