all i know is that their dad is like a marine or i think in the military. he"s under the sea in a submarine. i heard it in the yakima episode..... i don"t have a clue about the mom :D





whats yakima??????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!
linkLook there ! Any producer or someone said, his father is in euope in military and her mum died, when carly"s born. but she don"t know, until today. her father never told her, because he don"t want, that she think"s it"s her fault, that her mother died. and carly thinks her mother is in military, too.oh and carly thinks her mother is divorced and has 6 kids, but carly and spencer :)
I find it hard to believe that that wiki page is a realiable source, considering the fact that it says they put her mom on "anastasia" instead of "anesthesia".

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carly"s dad is in the navy in a submarine who knows how many ft. underwater she and i think carly"s mom died when spencer was little
yea me! also in the episode when carlys about to go to yakima she said hes in t5he military fighting alot...........hes problaby all dizzi!
Ya in one episode they mention "if mom were still here" and they looked all sad but the dad is in the military
Everyone on the web is saying she died when Carly was 3. But according to Dan Schiender, creator of Icarly, it was never specified that she died. They never mention her. They should do an episode that focuses on what happened to her mom. They do a lot of episodes that involves her father but not her mother. It would clear up a lot of confusion if they would explain what happened to Carly and Spencer"s mom.
All we know is that her dad is in the Air Force, and it"s pretty unclear what happened, but she may have died, mainly because in the episode IChristmas, you see that Spencer was her guardian when she was 5, so she may have died giving birth to Carly, but it"s still unclear, because other things could"ve happened, just like how you see that Sam"s dad may have left when in ILost My Mind the officer says "Where"s your father?" and Sam responds "You tell me!". Freddie"s father is never mentioned either, he could"ve died before Freddie was born, because Mrs. Benson was on her own when Freddie was 3 (Mentioned in iGo To Japan.) Dan Schnieder said he may explain all of this in a future episode.
"Although no mention is made about the location of their mother, Carly and Spencer"s father is a U.S. Air Force officer ("Col. Steven Shay"), temporarily stationed on a submarine, who is often mentioned but has never actually been seen on the show."Source(s):
In the episode where Neval was hacking the ICarly website and show, She called in the military, and one of them was her dads friends, I'm pretty sure that her dads in the military
what happened to carly and spencer"s parents is that their dad is in the military, but it never told anything about their mom. the mom either divorced the dad, or passed away.
they only said carly and spencers dad was underwater in a submarine in the navy but they never said about her mom in the episodes
her dad is in the marine`s but i think her mom died or she may be alive proboly her mom and dad had a devors
Mom was a drug user got arrested and died in jail and dad is in a jail in a army while spencer is drinking behind carly"s back
I don"t really know..i think someone told me that their dad was in irak fighting..and their mother past away..sadlly
i watched the first icarly ever and i think if they didnt say it then they probofly never said anything about their mom
Their dads in the navy but they never mentioned anything about their mom....they should make an episode of that sometime o.o
Carly"s Dad is in the AIR FORCE on a submarine. Yes, it makes no sence, but it"s only a fictional show with fictional charactors.
Thats easy,Dad:In the Navy in a Submarine miles under waterMom:Dead, die in a car crash or a least thats what i read.And WHO CARES??? Seriosly if the mom was alive or in the show then there be no show!!!
I think Carly and Spencer"s mom is already dead and her dad is in the navy. He is to busy to take care of them.
her dad is stationed under water on a submarine but i seriously wanna no wot happened to there mum ??anyone no plz tell me
Carly"s dad is in the Navy and Carly"s mom never gets any mention. Carly"s only relatives are Spencer, her grandad and dad.
Just because her dad is on a submarine doesn"t mean he is in the navy. he could also be a marine. also in the episode when nevel takes over their webshow, her father"s friend Colonel Morgan was in the Air Force.
I know that their Dad is in the Military but idk what happend to their mom i think she died. I think that they should have an episode about it
because they dad is underwater in a submarine they havent said anythin bout they mom buht she did not die cuz yal dnt know yal didnt write thisss show
They said ntin about that, thats just the way they want it and i prefer it that way cos with parents it will be a little bit boring
Carly"s and Spencer"s dad is a U.S. Air Force officer and their mom is alive but is not mentioned in the show.
their mom died when carly was five and their dad is in the war or navy or mariene force one of those
She died when carly was a little girl. There was a episode about it but they dont show it usually or sell it in the tv series you can buy because its Pg-13
Carly"s father is in the army in Europe serving on a submarine and Carly"s mother may have died while giving birth to Carly or she may have left her dad when Spencer was little and Carly may be spencers half brother.
There dad is in the military and there mom is dead so Spencer takes care of Carley and when there grandfather comes there father told him to go see them.

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Well we all know that the dad is in the military.But what about the mom?. Well she"s mostLikely dead because if the parents were simplydivorced Carly and Spencer would still see her.
I think that Carly and Spencer"s mom died because she"s never mentioned and they don"t know where their mom is



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