Bleach is a common household product that many world use because that cleaning and disinfecting. It can kill most varieties of viruses, bacteria, molds, mildew, and algae. Bleach likewise whitens or lightens the shade of details materials.

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Household bleach tends to contain 3–8% salt hypochlorite. It is not usually toxic come the skin itself, however it deserve to irritate the skin, eyes, and also other components of the body. It deserve to be an ext harmful if mixed with other family chemicals, such as toilet cleaner, or if who inhales it.

This short article looks in ~ what to do if bleach comes right into direct contact with the skin or eyes. That will additionally discuss once to watch a medical professional and carry out tips on how to use bleach safely.

Effects ~ above the skin and other human body areas

Share top top PinterestIf a human gets bleach on their skin, lock can try washing the area v mild soap and water.

Household bleach is corrosive but not generally dangerous if a human being uses it follow to the label.

The results of exposure come bleach will vary depending upon the part of the human body it affects, the concentration that the bleach, the duration of the exposure, and also the amount.

Exposure come bleach can affect these body locations in the adhering to ways:

Eyes: Exposure come bleach can make the eye look red and also feel irritated. The influenced eye might tear up, and the human may suffer blurry vision.Mouth and throat: The mouth and throat might feel irritated, however the bleach will not usually cause any type of severe damage.Skin: The skin might be irritated and also look red.Stomach and gastrointestinal (GI) tract: the is unusual for bleach to damages the stomach or GI tract because they are very resilient to together substances.

Exposure come bleach have the right to be attention or also fatal if the mixes v other family members chemicals. Bleach produced in countries outside that the joined States might be even more dangerous because of the boosted concentration.

For example, when linked with ammonia, bleach will develop a toxic gas dubbed chloramine. People can breathe the gas or absorb it with the skin. High levels of exposure come chloramine gas deserve to be fatal.

Exposure come chloramine gas can cause many symptoms, including:

coughingnauseawatery eyespain in the chestthroat, nose, and also eye irritationwheezingfluid in the lungs

What to perform for bleach exposure

In many cases, diluting the bleach through water will be sufficient to lull the skin wake up it causes. However, if someone gets bleach in your eyes or lungs, they need to seek instant medical attention. If a person ingests bleach, castle should contact Poison control on 1-800-222-1222 immediately.

First assist advice because that bleach exposure, relying on the area the the human body it affects, is together follows:

Eyes: flush the eyes with tap water. Then, watch a medical professional immediately.Skin: to wash the exposed skin v mild soap and also water.Mouth or throat: If a person has actually swallowed a the majority of bleach or an unknown amount, castle should contact Poison Control. Lock should additionally drink many of water. Drinking milk might ease the irritation. However, civilization should never force themselves come vomit, as it will certainly cause an ext damage.

When to check out a doctor

Anyone that gets bleach in their eyes should, after ~ flushing the area with tap water, seek clinical attention right away.

People through asthma who inhale bleach should speak to a doctor straight away, especially if they start to experience any breathing difficulties.

Getting bleach top top the skin is not commonly dangerous as soon as it is only for a short duration. However, the is important to speak to a doctor if the wake up does not pass in ~ a couple of days or i do not care severe.

When someone mixes bleach v other household chemicals, specifically those that contain ammonia or acid, exposure can be very harmful. If someone has actually exposure to chloramine gas, for example, they need to seek medical attention ideal away.

Tips for making use of bleach safely

The Centers for condition Control and also Prevention (CDC) say that it is crucial to read and follow the safety and security instructions on any kind of household cleaning product to avoid accidental exposure.

The most necessary things to remember as soon as using bleach space as follows:

Never mix bleach with ammonia or any other cleaner.Always stay rubber gloves to defend the skin top top the hands.Wear goggles or another type of eye protection.Do not breathe in product fumes.Keep the windows and doors open up to ventilate the area.Store it away from children.

Alternatives come bleach

The ecological protection organization past Toxics warning of the environmental affect of bleach. They state the the bleach manufacturing procedure produces a highly toxic chemical dubbed dioxin.

In huge quantities, dioxin may:

lead to reproductive and developmental issuesdamage the immune systeminterfere through hormones

Discarded bleach may likewise mix v ammonia- or acid-based products in sewers and also create attention chloramine gas.

Some alternatives to bleach because that cleaning and whitening products include:

hydrogen peroxidelemon juicewashing soda or boraxvinegar


Household bleach is not commonly toxic, despite exposure can reason irritation.

If someone gets bleach on your skin, they should clean the influenced area with soap and water.

If bleach gets right into the eyes, the human should very first flush the eyes through water and then seek medical attention.

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When mixed with various other chemicals in family cleaning products, bleach can produce a toxicity gas dubbed chloramine. Chloramine gas can be hazardous and even fatal. Anyone who has actually exposure to chloramine should as such speak come a doctor.