I"ve just read Sorcerer"s rock or Philosopher"s stone with my daughter and also watched the movie and we room now beginning Chamber that Secrets. Together my husband and also I to be watching the movie (to decision if it would certainly be too scary for her or not after reading the book,) I obtained to thinking about it and other than Mrs. Norris I think all the Basilisk victims to be from Gryffindor - in the movie. Collin Creevy, Hermione - also the ghost to be Sr. Nicholas.

Of course there were much more victims in the publication I was not remembering, but it made me wonder if Moaning Myrtle was additionally from G house (just coincidentally and also as a curiosity).

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Do the publications say anywhere?



According to Harry Potter Wikia, Myrtle was a member that Ravenclaw. Scroll under to the known Ravenclaw images.


As per J.K.Rowling FAQ from jkrowling.com via Wayback Machine, Ravenclaw.

What homes were Tonks and Myrtle in?

Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw respectively.



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