What is a Ruler

A leader is a an equipment with measure up markings ~ above it supplied for measuring drawing straight lines. Students, engineers, contractors, and also makers usage rulers for math, construction, architecture, sewing, landscaping, and more.

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According come Dictionary.com, a leader is a strip of wood, metal, or various other material having a right edge and usually marked off in inches or centimeters, provided for illustration lines, measuring, etc.<1>

Several varieties of rulers incorporate wooden or steel rulers, yardsticks, seamstress tapes, tape measures, carpenters rules, and also architects scales.

Rulers have actually measurements in imperial and metric, imperial-only, or metric-only. Get much more information top top rulers, including different species and uses, or download and also print one of our totally free printable rulers.

How to use a ruler – Standard imperial Measurements


The markings ~ above a typical ruler represent the fountain of one inch. The markings ~ above a ruler from the start to the 1″ mark are: 1⁄16“, 1⁄8“, 3⁄16“, 1⁄4“, 5⁄16“, 3⁄8“, 7⁄16“, 1⁄2“, 9⁄16“, 5⁄8“, 11⁄16“, 3⁄4“, 13⁄16“, 7⁄8“, 15⁄16“, and 1”. If the measurement is end 1″, just use the number ~ above the ruler and include the fraction. Because that instance, if you’re two ticks past the number 3 tick, then the measurement is 3 1⁄8“.

Reading a ruler starts with expertise what every the ticks mean. The biggest ticks top top a ruler represent a full inch, and the distance between each large tick is 1″.

The huge ticks in in between the inch markings space half-inch markings, and the distance in between an inch tick and a half-inch tick is 1⁄2“.

The mid-sized ticks between the inch ticks and half-inch ticks space the quarter-inch ticks. The distance between a quarter-inch tick and also an inch tick or a half-inch mite is 1⁄4“.

The smaller ticks space the eighth-inch ticks and may be the smallest or 2nd smallest markings on the ruler. The distance in between an eighth-inch tick and also the other bigger ticks is 1⁄8“.

The smallest ticks top top a ruler are the sixteenth-inch ticks. The distance in between a sixteenth-inch tick and the other bigger ticks is 1⁄16“.
Metric rulers have centimeter and millimeter markings. The bigger markings these represent a centimeter.
The smaller ticks ~ above a metric ruler stand for a millimeter. There are 10 millimeters in a centimeter, therefore there room 9 millimeter ticks in between each centimeter tick.

Ruler Measurements: customs Fractions ~ above a Ruler

These space the measurements and fractions that room on a ruler and also the decimal and also millimeter metric equivalents. If you require to convert larger customs fractions to decimal or metric, use our inch fraction calculator.

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Fraction, Decimal, and Millimeter equivalent Measurements

Ruler portion measurements converted to indistinguishable decimal and millimeter metric values.FractionDecimalMillimeters