So you desire to recognize what 10 to the fourth power is carry out you? In this short article we"ll define exactly just how to execute the mathematics operation called "the indices of 10 come the power of 4". That could sound fancy, yet we"ll describe this through no jargon! Let"s do it.

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What is an Exponentiation?

Let"s gain our state nailed down first and then we deserve to see just how to work out what 10 come the fourth power is.

When us talk around exponentiation all we really median is that we room multiplying a number i m sorry we speak to the base (in this situation 10) by itself a certain variety of times. The exponent is the variety of times to main point 10 through itself, i m sorry in this instance is 4 times.

10 come the power of 4

There are a number of ways this deserve to be expressed and also the most usual ways you"ll check out 10 come the 4th shown are:


So basically, you"ll either see the exponent utilizing superscript (to make it smaller and also slightly over the basic number) or you"ll usage the caret prize (^) to represent the exponent. The caret is helpful in situations where you might not want or have to use superscript.

So we mentioned that exponentation means multiplying the base number through itself because that the exponent number of times. Let"s look at the a little more visually:

10 to the 4th Power = 10 x ... X 10 (4 times)

So What is the Answer?

Now the we"ve described the theory behind this, let"s crunch the numbers and also figure the end what 10 to the fourth power is:

10 come the power of 4 = 104 = 10,000

Why execute we use exponentiations like 104 anyway? Well, it makes it much much easier for united state to create multiplications and also conduct math operations v both large and small numbers as soon as you are working with numbers with a lot of trailing zeroes or a the majority of decimal places.

Hopefully this write-up has helped you to understand how and why we usage exponentiation and also given you the answer girlfriend were originally looking for. Now that you know what 10 to the fourth power is you can continue on her merry way.

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