How to convert Horsepower come Watts

To transform horsepower come a watt measurement, use among the formulas below.

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Mechanical speech to Watts

Formula to convert mechanical speech to watts:

because one mechanical horsepower is equal to 745.699872 watts, the formula to find watts is come multiply mechanical horsepower by 745.699872.

since one electric horsepower is equal to 746 watts, the formula to discover watts is come multiply electric horsepower by 746.

since one metric horsepower is same to 735.49875 watts, the formula to discover watts is to multiply metric horsepower by 735.49875.

since one boiler horsepower is same to 9,809.5 watts, the formula to discover watts is to main point boiler speech by 9,809.5.

Horsepower and also watts space both units supplied to measure power. Keep analysis to learn much more about every unit of measure.


The term horsepower was embraced by Scottish inventor James Watt to measure up the power output the his steam engine and also to compare the power through that of equines horses.<1> horsepower were later on used to measure the strength output the piston and also turbine engines and electrical motors.

over there are currently several different species of horsepower, consisting of mechanical, electrical, metric, boiler, brake, and also indicated, and also they all have various applications in industry. Mechanical and electric room the most commonly used types.

Mechanical Horsepower

mechanical horsepower is often used to measure up the output of engines and motors in north America. One mechanically horsepower is same to 745.69987158227022 watts.

The mechanically horsepower is a us customary and also imperial unit the power. Mechanical horsepower deserve to be abbreviated as hp(I); for example, 1 mechanically horsepower have the right to be composed as 1 hp(I).

Electric Horsepower

electrical horsepower is provided to measure up the output of electric motors and also other electrical machines in the US. One electrical horsepower is same to exactly 746 watts.

The electrical horsepower is a united state customary and imperial unit the power. Electrical horsepower deserve to be abbreviated together hp(E); for example, 1 electrical horsepower have the right to be written as 1 hp(E).

Metric Horsepower

One metric speech is the power necessary to one metric horsepower as the background a 75 kilogram mass at at one meter every second.<2> One metric speech is same to 735.49875 watts.

The metric speech is a non-SI metric unit for power. Metric horsepower have the right to be abbreviated as hp(M), and also are likewise sometimes abbreviated as PS, cv, hk, pk, ks, or ch. Because that example, 1 metric horsepower have the right to be written as 1 hp(M), 1 PS, 1 cv, 1 hk, 1 pk, 1 ks, or 1 ch.

Boiler Horsepower

Boiler speech is supplied to measure the strength of a boiler to create steam. One boiler speech is equal to the power necessary to evaporate 34.5 pounds in one hour.<3>

Boiler horsepower can be abbreviated together hp(S); for example, 1 boiler horsepower can be composed as 1 hp(S).

try our engine horsepower calculator to calculate the power of a motor.


One watt is the strength equal come the rate of power of one joule per 2nd in an electrical circuit.<4> One watt is also equal to the power developed in a circuit through a voltage potential the one volt v a present of one amp.

The watt is the SI obtained unit for power in the metric system. Watts deserve to be abbreviated as W; because that example, 1 watt have the right to be composed as 1 W.

Watt"s regulation states the relationship between power, current, and also voltage. Using Watt"s Law, it"s possible to express the strength in watts as an expression making use of current and also voltage.

PW = IA × VV

The power in watts is same to the existing in amperes times the potential distinction in volts.

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combining this v Ohm"s Law, it"s also feasible to express the strength in watts utilizing resistance in addition to volts and amps.

Horsepower to Watt counter Table

watt converted to miscellaneous horsepower values. watts Mechanical Horsepower electrical Horsepower Metric speech Boiler speech
1 W 0.001341 0.00134 0.00136 0.000102
2 W 0.002682 0.002681 0.002719 0.000204
3 W 0.004023 0.004021 0.004079 0.000306
4 W 0.005364 0.005362 0.005438 0.000408
5 W 0.006705 0.006702 0.006798 0.00051
6 W 0.008046 0.008043 0.008158 0.000612
7 W 0.009387 0.009383 0.009517 0.000714
8 W 0.010728 0.010724 0.010877 0.000816
9 W 0.012069 0.012064 0.012237 0.000917
10 W 0.01341 0.013405 0.013596 0.001019
20 W 0.02682 0.02681 0.027192 0.002039
30 W 0.040231 0.040214 0.040789 0.003058
40 W 0.053641 0.053619 0.054385 0.004078
50 W 0.067051 0.067024 0.067981 0.005097
60 W 0.080461 0.080429 0.081577 0.006117
70 W 0.093872 0.093834 0.095174 0.007136
80 W 0.107282 0.107239 0.10877 0.008155
90 W 0.120692 0.120643 0.122366 0.009175
100 W 0.134102 0.134048 0.135962 0.010194
200 W 0.268204 0.268097 0.271924 0.020388
300 W 0.402307 0.402145 0.407886 0.030583
400 W 0.536409 0.536193 0.543849 0.040777
500 W 0.670511 0.670241 0.679811 0.050971
600 W 0.804613 0.80429 0.815773 0.061165
700 W 0.938715 0.938338 0.951735 0.071359
800 W 1.0728 1.0724 1.0877 0.081554
900 W 1.2069 1.2064 1.2237 0.091748
1000 W 1.341 1.3405 1.3596 0.101942


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