Me and my mommy are trying to figure out what 5/8 that a cup means in baking . What go 5/8 of a cup mean?

It"s a fifty percent cup plus 2 tablespoons approximately.I have actually never heard of a recipe calling because that such one odd amount.Usually they shot to do things easy by making use of 1/4,1/2,3/4 etc.I am certain you have dual checked the recipe so the lot I offered should be as close as you can get without a 1/8 cup measure up to add to the 1/2 cup measure.

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That means if you division one cup right into 8 parts, you"ll need 5 that the 8 parts to usage in the recipe. If you have actually a 1/8 cup measuring cup, usage 5 scoops OR 5 pours that the ingredient.

I have baked for countless years, I have actually never heard of a 5/8 cup of flour. Learn something brand-new every day.

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1/8th cup is 1 Tablespoon, so 5/8 ths cup is 5 tablespoons. (We are talking about standard measuring tablespoons.) therefore the easy means is to measure the end 1/2 cup of her flour or whatever and then add 1 an ext tablespoon.

well if you were to divide the cup into eight equal parts, girlfriend would only use 5 therefore it"s a little less climate a cup.