Contrary to renowned opinion, a “handle” that liquor doesn"t imply that the bottle of booze you buying accurate comes with a take care of attached to it—though this is how numerous of the bottles are designed. A manage of alcohol actually describes the dimension of the bottle, i m sorry is typically 1.75 liters, the largest style in which liquor is sold. Handles are not only the perfect size for a party, yet they’re likewise generally the best price by volume of any kind of bottle in the liquor save (unless you acquisition by the case). To uncover out which handles of vodka space the most delicious, us dug deep at the liquor store to determine which brands are ideal bought in this large format option. Here, the six ideal handles the vodka come buy for your next party.

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If you’re using your handle of booze for a huge batch of tropical Juice or in a punch where the smell of alcohol is well covert by other ingredients, this bottle is one of the best values you have the right to find. Indigenous of warning: also though Georgi cases that your vodka is quadruple distilled for smoothness, the vodka has a really sharp ethanol heat on the finish. That is not perfect liquor because that shots or noþeles alcohol-forward prefer a Vodka Soda.

Smirnoff is just one the the ideal tasting bottom-shelf vodkas, no matter what dimension you buy. Distilled native corn (it’s passed with the still approximately 10 times) and also charcoal filtered for smoothness and clarity, Smirnoff have the right to be enjoyed straight, over ice cream or through just about any mixer. Associated with the Moscow Mule, Smirnoff is the perfect manage of vodka for fans that the gingery classic. Every you need to concoct a party size Mule is a 192-ounce copper mug (or two), a handle of Smirnoff, a huge bag that mint, a six-pack of extra spicy ginger beer and also a fill of bendy straws.

Distilled indigenous the finest Russian winter wheat, birch charcoal filtered, and also brought come proof with regional glacier water, Russian conventional is the pinnacle the Russian vodkas. Ideal served ice cold, this vodka is exceptionally smooth, crisp and also clean on the palate. A step over Smirnoff, this manage is right for shots, Highballs or Martinis. Russian typical is also the perfect accompaniment to food—especially smoked meats (or fish), cheeses, olives and also pickles. Offer it in ~ your next cheese and also charcuterie party.

created in Åhus, Sweden, Absolut vodka is distilled native winter wheat. Because it’s left unfiltered, Absolut is lugged to proof with neighborhood water native an aquifer that’s been filtered v Swedish radical for thousands of years. Almost creamy ~ above the palate, this vodka has a distinctive fruitiness and also malty, peppery finish. The sippable practiced or end ice, however Absolut works ideal when blended with tonic water or seltzer. If you pick to use it in a Highball, include either fresh fruit garnishes (like apricots, peaches or berries) or new herbs (like rosemary and thyme) to bring out the inherent flavors in the vodka.

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Produced and also distilled in Austin, Texas, by Tito Beveridge, Tito’s vodka is made from a corn mash ~ above pot stills. Sweet, creamy and moonshine-esque, this vodka is incredibly versatile in cocktails, particularly anything effervescent or v fresh citrus. Usage the spirit for a round of cool shots, in a bubbly vodka-based Tom Collins, or mixed in a Gimlet. Among the many beloved vodkas, this handle is guarantee to be a fight at any party—particularly if friend come provide mixers as well.

If you’re not acquainted with Ketel One vodka, you’ve either been living under a rock for the previous 30 year or were cryogenically frozen. Produced by the Nolet Distillery in Schiedam, Netherlands, Ketel One is the highest quality vodka top top this list. Utilizing 100 percent wheat for the mash, this vodka is distilled ~ above copper pot stills and also charcoal filtered to additional remove impurities. Lucious and extra soft on the palate, with seasonings of citrus and also honey, Ketel One’s long lasting finish highlights that is singular quality. Bring this take care of of vodka as soon as you have human being to impress or a much more formal event to attend.