A arsenal of computers and also devices linked together via interactions devices and also transmission media.

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Using a network, civilization communicate v email, VoIP(video chat), chat rooms, blogs, wiki, virtual social networks...
Each computer or maker on a network deserve to be noted access to hardware on the network. (ex: can print papers through mobile device or computer system if ~ above the very same network)
Electronic Funds move (EFT) enables users associated to a network to exchange money from one account to one more via infection media.
Network connecting computers and devices in a restricted geographical area such together a home, school, office building, or carefully positioned team of buildings.
LAN that supplies no physical wires. Computers and devices that accessibility a wireless LAN have to have integrated wireless ability or the proper wireless network card, USB adapter or other wireless device.
Is a high-speed network the connects neighborhood area networks in a metropolitan area, such together a city or town, and also handles the mass of interactions activity across that region.
Network that covers a large geographic area (cities, countries, worldwide) utilizing a selection of wired and wireless infection media.
Network that connects computers and also devices in an individual"s work space using wired and wireless technology.
Configuration the computers, devices, and media in a network. Categorized together either client/server or peer-to-peer.
One or an ext computers acting together a server, and the other computer systems on the network request solutions from the server.
Controls accessibility to the hardware, software, and other resources on the network and provides a central storage area for programs, data, and information.
A computer in a P2P network that has equal responsibilities and also capabilities, sharing hardware (printers), data, or information with other computers.
Defines guidelines that specify the way computers accessibility the tool to which they are connected, the type(s) or tool used, the speeds provided on different types of networks, and also the types of physics cable and/or the wireless an innovation used.
Network traditional that specifies no central computer or an equipment on the network (nodes) should control when data have the right to betransfer .
Standard specifies that computers and also devices on the network share or pass a special signal, called a token, in an unidirectional manner and also in a preset order.
Network protocol that defines how message (data) room routed from one finish of a network to the other, ensuring data arrives correctly
The technique of breaking a message into individual packets, sending the packets along the best possible route available, and also then reassembling the data.
Based top top a collection of network criter that specifies how two wireless devices communicate with each other over the air with each other.
Network protocol that specifies how 2 Bluetooth devices use short variety radio waves to transmit data
A network traditional that specifies how two UWB tools use short-range radio waves to interact at high speeds with each other.
Devices like tv remotes usage IrDA to transmit data wirelessly to each various other via infrared (IR) irradiate waves.
Protocol that specifies how a network uses radio signals to communicate with a tag put in or attached come an object, one animal, or a person.
A protocol, based upon RFID, that specifies how a network offers close-range radio signal to communicate in between two gadgets or objects equipped with NFC technology.
802.16, is a network standard developed by IEEE the specifies just how wireless devices communicate over the air in a broad area.
Consists the programs and apps that (1) aid users develop a link to an additional computer, mobile device, or network; (2) regulate the infection of data, instructions, and also information; and (3) carry out an user interface for individuals to interact with one another1 and 2 provided by or included as tools v an operating mechanism or bundled v a interactions device. 3 is detailed by applications such as email, FTP, browser, discussion boards, chat rooms, instant messaging, videoconferencing, and also VoIP.

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Supports faster transfer rates when receiving data (the downstream rate) than once sending data (the upstream rate).