Career: as a teenager Meek Mill developed a rap collective called Bloodhoundz and also released 4 mixtapes.

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He was signed to 215 Aphillyated documents in 2008 after releasing the mixtape "Flamers 2: hottest in tha City", and later caught the fist of T.I. That led him come two record deal uses from cool Hustle and Warner Bros.

While working v Grand Hustle, he joined up through DJ Drama to relax "Flamers 3: The Wait Is Over" in 2010 special the single "Rose Red".

He signed to rick Ross" Maybach Music group in 2011, and released debut solitary "Tupac Back", complied with by "Ima Boss".

In 2012, he released debut album "Dreams & Nightmares", featuring lead single "Amen", i m sorry debuted at number 2 in the charts. That year he additionally foundered his very own label Dream Chasers Records.

In 2015, he announced details that his 2nd album "Dreams Worth much more Than Money".

Personal life: Meek Mill grew up in Philadelphia through his mother Kathy Williams; his father passed away after being shot during a robbery as soon as he was just 5-years-old. The household lived in poverty, and also while Mill was seldom vocal, he became interested in hip hop after ~ meeting local DJ Grandmaster Nell.

Mill started dating Nicki Minaj in 2015.

At 18, he was arrested for possession that a gun and also beaten by police, that later asserted he assaulted them and also he was for this reason charged.

He served seven month in prison for medicine dealing and gun possession in 2008, and had his take trip permit for touring revoked.

Since march 2015, Meek Mill has actually been affiliated in a heavily publicized ongoing feud v Drake.

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A Philadelphia judge has denied rapper Meek Mill’s request to have another judge from his instance this week, saying the the court go not have actually jurisdiction ~ above the matter.

Meek Mill, genuine name Robert Rihmeek Williams, was released from jail on stimulate of the Philadelphia can be fried Court. He had actually been offer a two- to four-year sentence for a probation violation relating to a decade-old drug and also gun conviction. Prosecutors have since suggested that Mill need to receive a new trial, because of credibility questions about his arresting officer.

His very own lawyers, however, desire Judge Genece Brinkley thrown turn off the case, claiming the she’s been waging a personal vendetta versus rapper, including her decision come send him to prison about the probation hurt in November last year.

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Rap star Meek Mill will take part in a new Amazon element documentary series about the American justice system, adhering to his recent release from prison on bail.

The Philadelphia-born 30 year old, whose genuine name is Robert Rihmeek Williams, to be sentenced back in November 2017 to in between two and also four years in prison for violating probation regarding a 2008 drug and also gun case.

He served 5 months in prison, before being freed ~ above April 24th ~ Philadelphia D.A. Larry Krasner admitted that he may have been erroneously convicted in the an initial place, v a policeman reportedly lying in ~ his initial trial. In the interim, his incarceration ended up being something the a cause-celebre via social media.

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After spending five months behind bars because that violating his look at never-ending parole, Meek Mill has once again been released ~ above bail many thanks to the Pennsylvania supreme Court. He commemorated his freedom with a basketball game and plans to return to making music as quickly as possible.

Meek Mill at Rehab beach Club las Vegas

The court ordered the judge to release the 30-year-old rapper on "unsecured bail" this week, end concerns about the same of his being accused that violating his probation ~ above a decade old crime. That was initially sentenced for 2 to 5 years, yet given that it"s in regards come a gun and also drug fee from 2009, Meek and his supporters are questioning this act of "justice".

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Lawyers for the imprisoned rapper Meek Mill have actually launched a project to get his jail ax overturned and to cost-free him immediately, between reports the the FBI is research the judge who handed down the sentence.

Following reports via page Six on Monday this mainly (November 13th) that the FBI has actually taken attention in judge Genece Brinkley, ~ the referee made a series of extremely unusual requests in the case, consisting of that he drop his current management team, Roc Nation, and also sign v Philadelphia-born manager Charlie Mack. Undercover agents have actually apparently been attending the court sessions in Mill’s case, suspecting links in between Brinkley and Mack.

Now, the rapper’s legal team are launching a project for Brinkley to be recused from the case, in addition to a movement seeking his instant release indigenous prison and also his probation to it is in terminated, follow to Billboard.

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A controversial decision hit the Philadelphia courtroom this week together Meek Mill obtain a custodial sentence for violating his probation. However, given that the charges because that the offences in concern were later on drop, the harsh penalty has angered numerous of his friends and fans.

Meek Mill at Rehab Beach club in ras Vegas

The 30-year-old rapper - whose actual name is Robert Rihmeek Williams - has been sentenced come 2-4 year in jail for violating the regards to his probation after gift arrested for misdemeanor assault in March and also reckless driving and reckless endangerment in August.

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After a good deal that speculation end the last few weeks, Nicki Minaj has confirmed that she is now single, having broken up v Meek Mill, she rapper friend of nearly two years.

Rumours that the music power couple had separation up started at the finish of December when 29 year old Meek – actual name Robert Rihmeek Williams – briefly turned off his Instagram account and Nicki posted a series of cryptic tweets hinting that their relationship had actually ended.

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Finally, the 34 year old ‘Anaconda’ star revealed the she had separation from that in a tweet posted on Thursday (January 5th).