Knowing how to abbreviate measurements in both the Imperial and also Metric systems have the right to be challenging. There are usually several various ways to abbreviate this measurements and also you want to make certain that you’re abbreviating castle in the appropriate way. Below we cover how to abbreviate some of the most renowned measurement lengths in both systems.

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How execute you abbreviate mile?

You abbreviate the word mile with: mi. Or mi. Because that plural (as in miles), you usage the same.

A mile is 5280 feet, 1760 yards, or approximately 1.6 kilometers. That is supplied as a unit of measure in the royal measurement system which is still used by old British swarms including the US. Miles are generally used to define distance, yet can also be offered to explain speed such as miles-per-hour (MPH) or gas usage with miles-per-gallon (MPG). Variants incorporate the nautical mile (NM) which is defined as exactly 1852 meter (about 1.15 miles).

Example:Los Angeles is 2,789.97 mi far from brand-new York through carThe moon is 238,900 mi. Indigenous Earth.

How carry out you abbreviation yard?

You abbreviate words yard with: yd. Or yd. This abbreviations work-related for the plural kind as well, yet informally you have the right to write: yds.

A garden is three feet. The yard originated from the Old English indigenous “gerd” or “gyrd” which intended branch or stave. The garden was approximately the length of a branch and also was offered to measure laned for taxes assessment.

Example:A football field is 100 yd. Long.

How execute you abbreviate foot?

You abbreviate words foot with: ft, ft., or a single quote (‘) This additionally is true for the plural type feet.

A foot is 12 inches. Together the surname suggests, the word “foot” came from the literal use of a foot because that measurement. The modern foot is indistinguishable to a human being foot v shoe size of 13 (UK), 14 (US male), 15.5 (US female) or 47 (EU sizing).

Example:The wall surface was 9 ft. Long.He was exactly 6″ tall.

How carry out you abbreviate inch?

You abbreviate the word inch with: in, in., or a twin quote(“). The exact same is true because that the plural kind “inches.”

An inch is 1/12 that a foot. 12 inches space in a foot.

Example:The spider was 1 in. Across.

How carry out you abbreviate fathom?

You abbreviate the word fathom with: fm.

A fathom is six feet. Fathom is a less common word in English and tends to be offered when measuring water. It source from the Old English native fæðm, cognate to the Danish (via the Vikings) word “favn” definition embracing eight or a pair that outstretched arms. It was originally measured as the span of a man’s outstretched arms and also was approximately 1/1000 of a nautical mile.

How do you abbreviation light-year?

You abbreviate the word light-year with: ly or ly.

One light-year is about 6 sunshine miles (9 sunshine km).

Example:The Alpha Centauri device is an mean of 4.3 ly from Earth.

How execute you abbreviation kilometer?

You abbreviate the word kilometer with: K, k, km., or km.

A kilometre is one thousands meters. “Kilo” originates from the Greek word because that one thousand. Runners frequently use the capitalized “K” to abbreviation the lengths of runs such as a 5K or a 10K.

How perform you abbreviate meter?

You abbreviate the word meter with: m.

A meter is 100 centimeters. A meter is same to 39.37 inches, or slightly much more than 3 feet.

How do you abbreviation centimeter?

You abbreviate the word centimeter with: cm.

A centimeter is one-hundredth the a meter.

How execute you abbreviate millimeter?

You abbreviate the word millimeter with: mm.

A millimeter is one-thousandth that a meter.

How execute you abbreviation micrometer?

You abbreviate the word micrometer with: μm.

A micrometer is one-millionth of a meter.

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