What is the funding of Cuba? Cuba’s capital is Havana. Havana is a beautiful city where the streets are decorated with vivid houses, classic cars and artists.

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Where is Havana?

Havana has actually been enduring in every period of that is history, yet it can be said that the resources of the country where civilization who have constantly stood increase for flexibility are living in Havana.

When go Havana come to be the Capital?


the Conquistador Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar established the city in 1515, near the city the Batabanó today. In 1519 Havana was moved to whereby it is today. The city develops as a an outcome of the location’s suitability and also becomes critical commercial and also military port.

It was attacked by a variety of pirates, who were loaded with an useful treasures by Spanish ships. The city was burned in 1538 and plundered in 1553/1555. Havana came to be the capital of Cuba, the Spanish colony in 1607. Good Britain take it the city in 1762, and then exchanged it because that Florida. By pass the city back to the Spanish, it is structured as America’s strongest protected city.

In the forbidden duration in the US, the has become a renowned attraction because that American tourists. Although nightclubs and casinos were able to endure with the removed of the bans in the united States, they to be closed following the Cuban revolution of 1959. Cuban revolutionaries take it Havana top top 3 January 1959 complying with the revolution.

Features of Havana


It has actually a population of 2.11 million by 2018. The surface area is 728.3 square kilometers. Cuba has a semi-tropical climate. During short winter periods, they wind increase with temporary winds comes from the north. The temperature difference in between summer and also winter is not much. The average yearly temperature is 26 degrees. While over there is rainfall between May and also October in the country, that is dry in between November and April.

Iy is Cuba’s most important industrial region. Specifically metal products, machinery and also chemical assets are important. Except these, rum, drink such together Havana Club, tobacco and textile products are the other crucial ones. Cigars developed in Cuba are called Havana.

The city is likewise the most crucial transportation facility of the country. It has both an important natural harbor and an international airport. Havana Bay is among the safest harbor in the world. The i to the open up sea is restricted by a an extremely narrow passage, because of the natural formation of the coast line.

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Important locations to view in Havana


It is just one of Cuba’s most visited cities, i m sorry is still influenced by the communist government. The Plaza de La Revolucion, where many events were carried out under the management of legendary leaders, attracts many tourists through its historic buildings, museums, and people’s lifestyle. At the start of locations to visit; Plaza de La Revolucion, Capitolio Nacional, and also Plaza de Armas.