One that the happiest and greenest cities in the world, Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, is a trendy and vibrant waterside city. Though it’s situated throughout multiple archipelago on the country’s eastern coast, this compact, mega bike-friendly city is simple to traverse and packed with outstanding food, drink, and also sightseeing.

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Image through Nicole Pankalla from Pixabay

Fact file

Population: 1,346,485Currency: Danish kroneTimezone: central European time (UTC +1)Cost the living: The estimated monthly living expense for a single person is 20,700 DKK.Find a detailed break down of the expense of visiting Denmark here.

Things to execute in Copenhagen

Explore the city through bike

Biking is a key part that life in the Danish capital. Rent a cycle or walk on a guided bike tour to obtain to understand the city prefer a local. This guide will assist you confidently navigate the city top top wheels.

Try brand-new Nordic cuisine

Noma, one of the ideal restaurants in the world, assisted propel Nordic fare and also the Danish restaurant scene into the peak tier. Concentrated on regional staples and seasonal produce, brand-new Nordic cuisine provides a fresh take on classic Scandinavian dishes.

For an comprehensive experience the Danish food and culture, shot this Culinary suffer Tour.

Check the end the quintessential traveler attractions

Can you truly say you went to Denmark’s funding without absorbing the city’s many renowned attractions, prefer the tiny Mermaid statue, Tivoli Gardens, Nyhavn, and also the Amalienborg and Christianborg palaces?

Hit a bunch the the significant sights and also get a history lesson follow me the way with this within City day Trip.

Image by Julian Hacker indigenous PixabayExplore part offbeat sights

Christiania, a partially self-governed hippie community, is a regional gem where you can uncover cozy vegetarian cafés and weekly live jazz performances.

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The city’s flea markets guarantee a unique experience with plenty of locations to browse because that antiques and quirky treasures. Explore more of the city’s unconventional side through this alternate Tour.

Keep it budget plan friendly

Denmark’s resources is notoriously expensive, but that doesn’t mean your visit demands to break the bank. There space several totally free museums and also cheap places to eat, drink, and sightsee. You have the right to even find delicious and affordable new Nordic cooking if Noma is external your budget. 

For extr savings, think about purchasing the city’s discount map which offers complimentary admission to 73 attractions and also activities, including some transportation and also restaurant discounts. 

Where to stay


Travellers top top a budget plan should check out the city’s stylish hostels rather than covering out for a pricey hotel. Denmark is recognized for its great selection that trendy hostels, and also they often include perks prefer bike rentals, quirky settings, society events, or live music. 


If you’re looking for more space or privacy than a hostel but don’t want to empty your wallet for an personally hotel room, Airbnb is a great option. There space some amazing homes obtainable whether you’re trying to find a unique setting or standard Danish design.