Product codeAL6700
CAS number7446-70-0
Assay (purity)99.7%
Metal purity99.999%-Al
Molecular weight133.34
Appearancelight yellow powder
Melting point194 °C (381.2 °F)
Boiling point187.7 °C (369.9 °F)
Molecular formulaAlCl3
Linear formulaAlCl3
Packagingglassware/metal containers/bubblers

Aluminium chloride, as among the most frequently used and additionally one that the most powerful acid , find a wide range of applications in organic chemistry. It can be used to present aldehyde groups onto fragrant rings. This product is also finds application in the chemical market as a catalyst because that Friedel–Crafts reactions, both acylations and alkylations. For example in the ready of anthraquinone (for the dyestuffs industry) from benzene and also phosgene. The is also widely supplied for polymerization and isomerization reactions of hydrocarbons. Crucial examples encompass the to produce of ethylbenzene, which offered to do styrene and polystyrene, and also production of dodecylbenzene, i beg your pardon is used for making detergents.

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Safety information

Hazardous class8
Packing groupII
Signal wordDANGER
Hazard statementsH290-H314-H318-H402
Precautionary statementsP234-P260- P264-P280-P301 + P330 + P331-P303 + P361 + P353-P304 + P340-P305 + P351 + P338-P310-P363-P390
Transport descriptionAluminum chloride, anhydrous
In TSCA registryYes

First aid Measures

General adviceConsult a physician. Display this safety data sheet to the doctor in attendance. Relocate out of attention area.
Eye contactRinse extensively with plenty of water because that at the very least 15 minutes and also consult a physician.
Skin contactWash off with soap and also plenty the water. Top a physician.
InhalationIf breathed in, move human being into new air. If no breathing, give artificial respiration. Above a physician.
If swallowedDo no induce vomiting. Never provide anything through mouth come an unconscious person. Wash mouth v water. Consult a physician.

Certificates of analysis (CoA)

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Lot# 10558

External identifiers because that Aluminum trichloride

Pubchem CID24012
IUPAC Nametrichloroalumane
InchI IdentifierInChI=1S/Al.3ClH/h;3*1H/q+3;;;/p-3

Known applications and external links

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