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Many managers organize monthly, weekly, or also daily training sessions to make certain that employee remember important food security principles. Try using our training tips to improve food security at her establishment.

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Cleaning and sanitizing

If an establishment’s dishes, utensils, countertops, and equipment haven’t been effectively cleaned and also sanitized, they can spread danger pathogens to every food item they touch.

Review the importance of cleaning and also sanitizing v these simple questions:

What is the difference between cleaning and also sanitizing?Cleaning clears dirt, grime, and pathogens v soap and water. Sanitizing kills bacteria that continue to be after cleaning.What are the five steps because that washing dishes and also utensils in a three-compartment sink?1. Scrape away leftover food top top the dishes and also utensils.2. Clean the dishes and also utensils in the very first sink v soap and also warm water.3. To wash the dishes and also utensils in the second sink through clear, clean water.4. Sanitize the dishes and also utensils in a chemical solution or very hot water (at least 171°F) in the 3rd sink.5. Permit the dishes and also utensils come air-dry.How frequently should you clean and sanitize food contact surfaces?Clean and also sanitize a food contact surface ~ working with raw meat, once switching native one food come another, as soon as switching tasks, after taking a break, and also after 4 hours of consistent use.

To promote appropriate cleaning and also sanitizing, think about implementing the following ideas in her establishment:

Teach employees to touch silverware just by the handle and to carry cups and glasses just by your bases, stems, or handles. Otherwise, employees could accidentally contaminate clean dishes.Demonstrate how to mix sanitizing solution and how to check for proper sanitizer levels. If a mixture is as well weak, the won’t kill bacteria. Train employee to use a test piece to make certain the sanitizer is combined correctly.Train her employees to stop spraying chemistry in locations where food is being prepared. Once chemicals room sprayed, they can become airborne and can resolve on adjacent surfaces and also food.

One of the ideal ways to make sure your employees know food security is to administer careful and regular training because that them. If’s digital courses use the most efficient teaching techniques, it is additionally important that you proceed to educate your employees top top food security after they have actually completed our courses.

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Katie Heil

Editor’s note: This short article was initially published in might 2015 and also has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.