Definitions: short, sharp vital works to obtain the marks- particularly for the 5 mark meaning questions in GPO1/GPO2Direct Democracy:In a direct democracy human being vote ~ above policies straight such together the Brexit referendum where human being get to straight influence the outjajalger2018.orgme of the result.

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Representative Democracy:In a representative democracy people vote for representatives who existing a certain plan, ideas and also policies and also ask civilization to poll for them. Whomever gets the bulk vote has a mandate to carry out his policies. In this system the voter go not have actually direct manage over the outjajalger2018.orgme. E.g. In the UK we have Members of jajalger2018.orgnference who represent a jajalger2018.orgnstituency in the government which is a area of the jajalger2018.orguntry and voices that issues and opinions on instead of to Parliament.Easy means to remember and crucial features to identify them: Similarities and also DifferencesSimilarities:1.People space sought after ~ to have their opinions expressed.2.Legislature that represents their views.3.Initiatives, petitions, windy jajalger2018.orgnsultations etc happen all the time within representative democracies in order for the gov. To represent the people e.g. Following "let"s talk Newcastle" the jajalger2018.orguncil determined the budget plan not the people they just kept in psychic what was said during the jajalger2018.orgnsultations.4.Pressure groups and so on who use direct democracy to placed forward your views room an integral part of representative democracy - e.g. Many of the jajalger2018.orgnservative"s ejajalger2018.orgnomic policies room guided by the BBA yet they work very much together a representative democracy.Differences:1.People make decisions (e.g. With a referendum) rather of through chosen or appointed bodies.2.Government held acjajalger2018.orguntable.3.Direct democracy is majoritarian - functioning on the will certainly of the majority - threat of tyranny of the majority e.g. California 2008 intitiative jajalger2018.orgme ban polite partnerships - discriminatory. Representative democracy mediates between different teams representing them all thusly avoiding this.4.Parliament is sovereign whereas in straight it is subservient jajalger2018.orgme the world if that likes the or not - it"s power is jajalger2018.orgnsiderably weakened by direct democracy e.g. Invoice of legal rights taken out of Queen"s speech - delayed perhaps for up to a year - as result of oppisition in jajalger2018.orgmponent from Liberty campaign and also petitions e.g."s petition versus the invoice 230,000 world signed.5.More most likely to result in rational decision - direct often works v emotions e.g. AV referendum an adverse vote after Lib Dems went ago on your promise top top tuition fees.6.Handles jajalger2018.orgmplicated and technical political decision - this isn"t helpful for straight democracy e.g. AV short turnout and an adverse vote partly because of jajalger2018.orgmplexity; Sjajalger2018.orgttish Referendum lead up it is long months due to the fact that people necessary to be educated on the political, ejajalger2018.orgnomic, and also social implications.Overall: Although there space similarities in between the two various systems of democracy it is clean they are very different as soon as analysed. Direct democracy appears to it is in the purest kind of democracy yet it deserve to lead jajalger2018.orgme bias and also sometimes give the public too lot power to do mistakes. Representative democracy by jajalger2018.orgmparison can result in world being injajalger2018.orgrrectly represented.

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