Primary Succession deserve to be defined as the process of development in one area the was formerly uninhabited, barren, unoccupied and there was no early vegetation. On the various other hand, Secondary Succession deserve to be characterized as the expansion of the community in together area i beg your pardon was previously occupied, inhabited and also that has actually primary vegetation but got disturbed or damaged as result of some external or internal factors.

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The example of Primary succession is the newly developed bare rock, desert, ponds, etc., when the area extended under deforestation, or impacted by natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, etc. Are the instances of secondary Succession.

The environmental succession have the right to be defined as the gradual and also natural process, the the advancement of the biological community. The time taken for such development can be years or over million of years. The process begins with the development of a pioneering community, initiate from the ceiling rock, the lichens, and few plants species.

The following is the breakthrough of the intermediary species which contains the grasses, shrubs, trees like pines, etc. The critical is the climax community i beg your pardon got developed into the oak and hickory varieties of shade-tolerant trees.

Succession‘ is a component of directional temporal alters in a ar – which describe the transforms a solitary location; these have the right to be seasonal, diurnal or lengthy term changes. The procedure of ecological succession is split into two parts – Primary succession and secondary Succession. In this article, us will note out the difference between the both together with the little description on them.

Content: Primary sequence Vs second Succession

Comparison Chart

Basis because that ComparisonPrimary Succession second Succession
MeaningIt is the type of eco-friendly succession, which wake up or start from the barren, uninhabited and unoccupied areas, such as the newly developed pond, rock, dunes, etc. Such kind of succession, which occurs in the area wherein there was the visibility of life previously however got abandoned due to natural disturbances, such together flood, tsunami, earthquake, etc.
Where the occursIt wake up in a lifeless or barren area.It wake up in an area, which has actually been recently obtained deprive of life and also was formerly inhabited.
Time taken for the completion of the process1000 years or more.50-200 years.
SoilThere is the absence of soil at the beginning of the process, and also the condition is not perfect for sustaining life. The soil is present, in addition to some organisms.
HumusThe absence of humus, together there is no soil.Secondary sequence shows its presence in the presence of humus.
Seral CommunityThere are many intermediary seral community.There are couple of intermediary seral ar as compared to primary succession.
Pioneer CommunityIt is present and also comes native outside.It gets develops from the migrants and previous occupants.
Favorable environmentIn the beginning, the setting is unfavorable. The atmosphere is favorable, due to the fact that the beginning.
Reproductive structureAbsent of any kind of previous community.Present of the previous ar use to live in that area.

Definition of main Succession

Primary sequence is the initial stage of the development of any type of community. As it starts cultivation from the area whereby there is no an ideal condition because that sustaining life. Slowly the development goes on, native the barren area, rocks and also non-vegetative fields to the development of the arisen community. The advancement is so slow that that takes countless years to construct such area.


Primary sequence is the first life form to show up in any type of environment, even if it is it is a terrestrial, marine or new water. In this case, there is no vault living product present. And the organisms which create themselves in the initial phase are referred to as the primary colonizers or pioneer and community that that varieties is dubbed primary community. Lichens and algae room the common examples that this succession.

Definition of an additional Succession

The community that exist previously, yet has to be removed as result of the natural disturbances. Even the land tho marks the existence of the essential nutrition, i m sorry is compelled by all forms of life to grow. This kind of succession occurs in the forest, which has been reduced recently, plowing fields, flooded lands and also the area i m sorry were ruined due to organic calamities.


Thus it have the right to be claimed that second Succession occurs once the floor of primary succession get disturbed, because of some biological cause orinternal factors.

Key Differences in between Primary succession and second Succession

Given listed below are the considerable points, because that distinguishing between both kind of ecological succession:

Primary Succession is defined as the type of environmental succession, which occurs or start from the barren, uninhabited and unoccupied areas, such together the newly developed pond, rock, dunes, etc., while such sort of succession, which occurs in the area where there to be the existence of life previously but got abandoned as result of natural disturbances choose deforestation, natural disasters (flood, earthquake, tsunami), the field with no vegetation is well-known as Secondary Succession.Primary Succession occurs in the lifeless or barren area while an additional Succession occurs in one area, which has been recently got deprive the life and also was formerly inhabited.Time taken because that the completion of the process in Primary sequence is an ext than 1000 years while secondary Succession take away place around 200 because that its completion.There is the absence the soil and also humus at the beginning of the process, and also the problem is not an ideal for maintain life, but in second Succession soil and humus room present, together with some organisms.Intermediary seral and pioneer community are existing in number in Primary succession whereas the visibility of intermediary seral community couple of in numbers and also pioneer community gets develops from the migrants and also the ahead occupants.In the beginning, the environment is unfavorable because that the growth in Primary succession but in instance of secondary Succession, the atmosphere is favorable, because the start of development.

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We deserve to say that the ecological sequence is the sequential progression, evolving the new species. These alters at the stage of orgasm condition create a secure community, which is overcame by a certain kind of varieties as those were just able come cop increase in the environment. Hence this sort of succession is necessary and fruitful come the environment, to keep the ecological balance.