What is the drinking age in Ireland? exactly how old execute you need to be to drink in Ireland?

We obtain these inquiries alot. And also it’s no mystery why – Ireland is famed for the pub culture and our little island is home to few of the finest pubs in the world.

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People visiting Ireland through their kids tend to (not always) desire to visit a pub throughout their time in Ireland, but they canoftenbe unsure around what is and also isn’t OK.

Drinking regulations in Ireland may prevent part (or all) of your party drinking during their visit to Ireland.

In the guide below, you’ll find everything you should know about the legit drinking period in Ireland and also the plenty of Irish drink laws.

What is the legitimate Drinking period in Ireland?

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We’ve received many emails over the year from civilization visiting Ireland, asking around the irish drinking age.

In the ar below, I’ve popped in as numerous of the most FAQs the we’ve received around the drinking age Ireland enforces.

If you have actually a question that we haven’t tackled, feel cost-free to ask it in the comments ar at the finish of this guide.

I’ve heard the Dublin drinking age is different – deserve to you explain?

We’ve had a number of emails end the years pointing out the ‘Dublin drink age’. Ns can’t because that the life the me figure out whereby this come from but what I deserve to tell girlfriend is the it isn’t a thing.

The drinking period in Dublin is the precise same together it is all over else in Ireland – it’s 18, plain and simple.

What execute Irish drinking legislations say around drinking in a bar v your Mom and Dad?

The drinking period Ireland enforces is 18. Friend can’t drink in a pub or buy alcohol full stop unless you’re 18 years of age. It doesn’t issue if her parents speak it’s OK.

How old perform you need to be come drink in Ireland if you’re just visiting?

This question constantly baffles me. If you’re visiting Ireland, girlfriend abide by the legislations here. This way that you must adhere to irish drinking laws. You have to be 18 come drink in Ireland.

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What’s the drinking period in Ireland if you’re walk to stay in her hostel?

It. Is. 18. Theonly means that someone listed below the age of 18 can legally drink alcohol in Ireland is it they’re in a personal residence and also if they have parental permission.