What is the many common means to type the many of a noun? A. Add -ves B. Include -ren C. Include -es D. Add -s
What is the many common means to kind the many of a noun? A. Add -ves B. Include -ren C. Include -es D. Include -s
User: What is the many common means to kind the many of a noun? A. Include -ves B. Add -ren C. Include -es D. Add -s jajalger2018.org: The many common way to type the many of a noun is to add -S.

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User: Which that the adhering to sentences provides prepositions correctly? A. My mom is always asking me whereby I am going to! B. Maryann to be glad to have her dentist meeting over with. C. Whereby is my science textbook at? D. Kevin to be relieved the meeting was end by noon.
35.4% expressed together a decimal becomes 0.354. 35.4/100 = 0.354. User: Subtract 8.263 from 13.48. A. 5.217 B. 5.783 C. 6.815 D. 21.743 jajalger2018.org: 13.48 - 8.263 = 5.217 User: find the quotient that 5/31 split by 15/23. Minimize your answer to the shortest fraction. A. 75/373 B. 115/465 C. 23/93 D. 93/23, or 41/23 jajalger2018.org: (5/31) / (15/23) = (5)(23)/(31)(15) = 115/465 = 23/93 User: The full of 36, 78, 198, 475, and 620 is A. 2,109. B. 1,731. C. 1,407. D. 1,187. jajalger2018.org: The full of 36, 78, 198, 475, and 620 is 1,407. User: What is 20 × 6? A. 12 B. 40 C. 120 D. 100 (More)
The two bases of a trapezoid are 3 and also 11 and also the altitude is 8. What is the area of the trapezoid? A. 112 B. 56 C. 96 D. 64
jajalger2018.org: The two bases the a trapezoid room 3 in. And 11 in. And also the altitude is 8 in. What is the area that the trapezoid? A. 56Area = (h(a + c))/2Area = (8(3 + 11))/2Area = (8(14))/2Area = 8 * 7Area = 56in^2 User: On one architect"s plan for a house, the range reads ½ in. = 5 ft. Exactly how long is the actual size of a room that"s 2 in. Long on the drawing? A. 25 ft. B. 20 ft. C. 15 ft. D. 10 ft. (More)
½ in. = 5 ft,1inch. =10 ft.2in.=2*10 =20 ft.The actual size of a room that"s 2 in. Lengthy on the drawing: 20 ft.
A line connecting a peak of a scalene triangle v the midpoint that the opposite side is the A. Median. B. Perpendicular bisector that the side. C. Altitude. D. Bisector of the angle at the vertex.
A heat connecting a vertex of a scalene triangle through the midpoint of the opposite next is a Median. User: In the figure, AA = 33 m and BC = 7.5 m. The expectancy is divided into six equal components at E, G, C, I, and K. Find the size of A B. A. 15.00 B. 18.12 C. 9.30 D. 27.00 (More)


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jajalger2018.org: Franklin Roosevelt attempted to reclaim trust in the banking system by: He claimed a financial institution holiday and also developed ...
jajalger2018.org: bigger forces defines the brothers troops. User: at the start of the French Revolution, what sort of ...
jajalger2018.org: Glaciers save on computer close to 70% of all the fresh water on Earth. Wind erosion is most typical in flat, bare locations ...
jajalger2018.org: Some works of nonfiction examine and also discuss a focus topic and include the writer"s an individual viewpoint. This ...
jajalger2018.org: When offering a presentation, informing a story and pointing out something necessary is a an excellent tactic because that engaging ...

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jajalger2018.org: If a president is accused of break the Twenty-Second Amendment, that way the president is make the efforts to operation for ...