You want to obtain started v pottery, yet you don’t want to invest a ton the money to begin. Well, you have the right to actually begin by firing ceramic in her oven.

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If you’ve to be curious about how that done, and also want some tips, tricks and so lot more, climate look no further. In this, you’ll learn just how to fire pottery in your stove so the it comes the end beautiful, and also so that you have the right to use it.


Why Fire in your Oven?





You could wonder why you would desire to fire in her oven. After ~ all, with the method it’s done shouldn’t you just get a kiln and perform it prefer that.


Well, firing pottery in your range is a great an initial step due to the fact that it permits for numerous benefits. Few of them encompass the following:

You have the right to learn the basics that making pottery without having to learn the technicalities the firingYou can get a simple feel for firing in her ovenYou already have one oven, so why not try it?If you have actually children, this is a good way come teach them


Ovens space a great firing tool for those spring to begin pottery. That’s due to the fact that it has actually the following properties:

You can learn the firing procedure and exactly how to master thatYou can make some straightforward pieces that room durable


Even there is no a kiln, you’ll realize that ovens room a good way come fire since they execute the job of a kiln rather easily, and also you don’t have to worry about potentially over firing, or the chemical risks of shooting in an oven.


The boundaries of Firing

There are a couple of limits come firing in an oven, however, and also they are vital to know.

The factor why is due to the fact that you should make sure you choose the right media come fire in an oven, and that includes the form of clay that you choose to fire in ~ the oven.


Some that the borders to shoot in the oven encompass the following:

You can’t acquire it very hotThere i will not ~ be chemical transforms like with a kilnYou won’t produce that “glassy” look as muchYou don’t have to spend 12 hrs firing one piece


With oven-firing, you’ll more than likely spend a couple of hours max. Most ovens can’t get greater than a thousand degrees when the mean earthenware is fired at about 1200. So, it’s definitely not as hot.


Now, we discussed the firing process for clay in the oven. When you fire a piece of clay in a kiln, as result of the truth that it it s okay super hot, there space chemical transforms that happen.


These chemistry changes cause the following:

The glassy look to potteryCreates shine and sheen that might not otherwise be there


With an oven-baked piece, friend won’t gain that, and that’s since it simply doesn’t gain hot enough to do that. You should be near 1600-degree Fahrenheit, at the very least for those changes to happen.


So, ns wouldn’t say the this is ceramics in a sense, but it sort of does have actually the exact same properties together ceramics.


However, there is a details temperature range for a particular clay form that must never be offered for firing. So, the adhering to is offered the temperature range that you have to avoid while firing.


Clay typeTemperature selection to avoid
Low-fire clayAbove 1800-degree Fahrenheit
High-fire clayAbove 3000- degree Fahrenheit



Basic shoot Process

The procedure to fire a pot in stove is pretty basic, and also here, we’ll comment on how to carry out this, and any various other considerations you’ll should take.


Take the pot and also put the on the center rack upside down as needed. You can need to change the rack so that every little thing is aligned.Some people like to put a baking sheet down if they need it, however that’s a bit of an extra step, and also not totally needed.Set your oven to 325 F, and also from there, bake it for about 30 minutes.Turn the cooktop off, and also remove the pot through potholders.Put the on a heat-resistant surface and also let that sit for about 3-4 hrs until it’s entirely cooled downDecorate it together needed.


When friend fire ceramic like this, you’ll notification that it’s incredibly straightforward compared to say, several of the much more in-depth types of firing the you may have to do.


However, that has the services of the following:

It no take lot workYou’re not functioning with incredibly hot and dangerous temperaturesIt is pretty basic to heat whatever up and also let the oven perform the work


I do suggest that, if you’ve been curious around pottery firing and want to try it in a typical oven, this is the way to do it, and also do take part time come learn and master the arts of this so the you deserve to get far better with time v this project.


No Water Allowed

Now as soon as you carry out make a ceramic piece and fire the in the oven, ns do indicate making sure no water is ~ above this.

But you could wonder if there isn’t water ~ above this, what will occur if there is?


Well, the range isn’t like the kiln and also it doesn’t fire the piece at a leather difficult stage, but it has to be dry. This is since of the following:

The water won’t have the ability to escape, therefore it will certainly be pressurizedIt won’t have the ability to expand eitherIt will then crack the item in the oven


This isn’t what you no to execute obviously unless you’re going for cracks in your art that watch pretty and also artistic. So, make sure that prior to you begin the shooting process, you take some time and let the item dry.


A Thermometer because that the Oven

Thermometers for the clay room something that you can want to consider purchasing. These room typically tiny thermometers that you deserve to either have actually in the clay or in the oven.

Some of lock even attach to the peak of the oven.

The factor for this is simple, and its the following:

It helps v the accuracyIt also prevents her clay from probably seeping or being affected by also high of a temperature


Some people also like to include parchment paper or cardstock to the baking sheet or the bottom. Again, this is as much as you, however you’re working v tiles, this can aid with the following:

Makes it less complicated to removeAllows for a baking surface that won’t destroy the oven


Again though, this is something that you can number out because that yourself, and also if you considering shooting clay in one oven, this is among the big things the can assist with your success.


The Clay You should Use

Pottery art deserve to be absolutely engaging and addictive if the best material and equipment room available. And also undoubtedly, clay and also a kiln both play a an important in the human being of pottery. However, due to the fact that clay demands to it is in fired at really high temperatures and also kilns are expensive, many civilization don’t indulge in pottery.





However, if you room a ceramic lover and hesitating to try out your hobby just due to the fact that of a kiln, climate there is an excellent news because that you. Over there are numerous clays that have the right to be fired at residence using consistent ovens. World who are passionate about pottery art and also looking for clay that have the right to be fired in a home oven must go through the complying with recommendations.


When choosing clay to usage for oven-fired pottery, I do suggest getting Sculpey or something that is simple polymer clay.

Some nature of polymer clay that room worth noting incorporate the following:

It’s relatively easy come shape basic structures through thisYou can’t roasted it in a super warm ovenThey usually can’t it is in food-safe, since you can’t apply hot glazes onto thereThey don’t should be baked because that super longIt will create practically a light or a sheen once you take it it out


If you recognize this, climate you’ll absolutely be a lot happier v the means your clay end up looking.

Now, when choosing the right form of polymer clay, you’ve gained the adhering to choices:






All of these loss under the Sculpey brand, and they each have a different set of factors to them.


You have the right to grab Sculpey below off Amazon,SuperSculpey original oven-bake clay.


Original Sculpey has the following properties:

You deserve to only gain it in white and terra cotta, so just for those types of plates or materialsThey room soft and mushy, hard to sculpt, and also even as soon as cured, they breakThese have to be provided in slim pieces, and also they aren’t right for pots and pans


Super Sculpey has actually a bit of a different collection of textures to it, and they room as follows:

They are produced sculptingOnly come in a meat toneOnly supplied for sculpting figurines that won’t be handled otherwiseThey darken throughout baking, so keep that in mind


Sculpey II is another kind of polymer clay, and also it requires the following:

It’s the an initial American polymer clay, so it come in every single colorHas boundaries in usabilityFeels an ext like play-doh than anything in textureIs an extremely brittle after the baked

If nothing else, I imply trying the end Sculpey II in bespeak to get a feel for working with clay.


You can likewise read the evaluate of Sculpey on Amazon by clicking here.


Premo Sculpey is an additional versatile clay, and also it has actually the complying with properties:

It’s a good all-purpose clayIt holds the shape and also details exceptionally wellVery straightforward to conditionSuper flexible and also strongComes in a full range of colors, including metallic and pearl

The best thing about this is that it’s rather easy, but always make certain to buy native a supplier that’s reputable, because this can end up being quite crumbly if the is old.





Fimo is another great brand, and it has actually some various other benefits to it that, if you’re reasoning of not using Sculpey, you can want to examine out.

They incorporate the following:

There is a kid’s professional, and also all-purpose clayIt is accessible in plenty of colorsIt is pretty easy to occupational with, yet it will stiffen increase on the shelf however it won’t acquire as brick hard as othersMaybe a little bit an ext crumbly than other options


There are other types of polymer clay that you have the right to use, however here’s the thing: for the function of learning just how to fire pottery, these are your best choices because they have the following properties:

Are cheap, are typically easy to occupational withDon’t show off a lot of workGenerally doesn’t have actually a ton of tricks come it


Also, have a look at the pros and cons of using polymer oven-baked clay prior to proceeding:



It is obtainable in a large array of colors.Depending ~ above the baking time, the end an outcome may vary.
Offers appropriate shape when curingComparatively expensive
It it s okay cooked conveniently on short notice.It demands extra additives like glue, surface ar finishing, etc.


So yes, clay is a good thing come have, and also choosing the appropriate one will assist you v your endeavors


Baking clay in cooktop Instructions

If you’re utilizing Sculpey, there space a few things you need to know. For various other clays, you must look in ~ the instructions.

With Sculpey, save the complying with in mind:

For the original, roasted it in ~ 275 because that 15 minutes because that each ¼ inch thicknessFor at sight Sculpey, perform the exact same thingFor Sculpey 3, you’ll desire to execute the very same thing, however, make sure you check the curing ~ above this through your fingernail come make sure that you get enough of a shooting doneFor Premo Sculpey, you want to bake for 30 minutes because that every inch of thickness

Generally, the instructions space the exact same for most, but knowing each of these will definitely assist with your firing needs.


Firing bisque in the Oven

You have the right to fire the Bisque the you have in the oven, yet you’ll want to make sure that that does have clay that can be fired here. Exactly how you do it is the following:


Inspect your ceramic to make sure there aren’t any cracks, dents, or dirt and dust, along with wrinkles and holesPreheat to 250 and let the sit for 10 minute emptyPut the ceramic within the oven covered in baking paper. Have the thing standing the same way it will be as soon as doneLeave this at 250, or if needed, a little higher depending top top the clayDon’t set it greater when it’s already inside due to the fact that the object might crackIf you collection it also low, it won’t dry as wellLet the dry and also fire properly, all over from 25-90 minutes depending on the thicknessTurn turn off the oven and let this coolOpen this up, and let the bisque cool prior to you move it to a piece of baking record and let that cool completelyAlways make certain that with the bisque ware, you don’t add any glazes and also such because the bisque is being offered only for decorationAlways make sure that you usage mitts in order to defend your handsNever inspect the temperature of ceramic with her bare hands, unless you want to burn yourself.


This is a simple means to fire your bisque. If your pottery item needs much more time, then let it sit, yet you won’t must fire the for hrs on finish like with classic kiln firing.


Additional Tips because that Baking Clay in the Oven

Here space a couple of tips for you to get much better at baking bisque pottery:

If you have to add more time come the piece, always make certain that you add at least 5 minutes at a time


Always check the accuracy that the thermometer prior to you start so the it works. Baking the clay in the stove is fairly a sensitive task and needs to it is in done appropriately to protect against accidents. Measure up the cooktop temperature utilizing a thermometer hence helps with better results a ideal control the the temperature.


If an object has a thickness variance, it need to be shaped so that the thick parts are “bulked out.” Nevertheless, it is better to opt for evenly thick pottery pieces as it is crucial to fire the greenware from everywhere. Making use of variably thickened ceramic is going to be daunting to regulate as one location is walking to continue to be adequately cooked and the other one raw.


You can use aluminum foil to assistance this, however ideally, try to store the clay even and thick. Spanning with aluminum silver paper serves as a momentary solution. Also, it offers better insulation. Thus, making use of the silver paper to plunder in various places while shoot the other place might aid you in lot of ways. However, shot to also it out.


Layering the clay is the way to stop cracks, and also maintaining many sculptures help in various ways. The appropriate layering offers much better protection from uneven head distribution. Simultaneously, it contributes come the also heating native everywhere and also accurate firing, i beg your pardon is required to achieve maturation in the clay.


You must make certain that you put some aluminum foil over this if you require to add an armature top top this.


Don’t shot to overbake uneven that’s what you want from it since it will cause the clay come darken. A dark clay is no going come look good. Also, over baking will bring about clay cracking, i m sorry is no expected. Certain the suitable baking as much as the suggested time in the indict area that the clay packet. Baking for 1-2 hrs is sufficient for most of the clays. However, many clays can require much more time. So nothing forget to inspect the accuse area.


If you end up burning the clay, you’ll notice from the darkening and also bubbling, perhaps melting as well. The is why you have to refrain from utilizing the over-firing schedule because that the clay the you are using.


Don’t ever collection it too high since it can reason your item to crack. Similar to too short temperature is not going to bring the appropriate maturation for her clay, also high temperature can destroy your clay’s texture. Once you put it for firing, make sure you space using the only suggested temperature for the certain clay you used. Or else too much temperature is going come shrink the clay, which leads to breaking.


Ensure the appropriate drying of her greenware before putting it inside the oven. The high-level warm does not go compatible with too much moisture top top the clay. Even if a short amount of moisture existing in the clay, it will result in the accidental breaking the the pottery. You should not encourage such accidents. The is why make certain you space drying her clay pot till it i do not care bone dry. Also the leather-hard pottery comes v a little of moisture in it the you can feel through the cool emotion in her hand if girlfriend touch it. Let the sit for much more hours till it becomes totally bone dry.


Never skip the pre-heating! if firing using an oven, you need to take treatment of the factor that you are pre-heating the stove properly. Us have discussed the pre-heating temperature and also time in the earlier paragraphs. You can use that heating range to warm up the oven, or rather placing her pot inside a cold oven and also letting it heat is going to break her pottery. That is vital to pre-heat the range for 10-1 minutes to ensure the appropriate firing process.


Let the oven end up being cool prior to bringing the fired ceramic out. The oven door’s sudden opening allows the hot pottery acquire exposed come a high lot of temperature fluctuation. Ceramic wares room weak sufficient to bear v such a fast temperature change. And this is why the is important to allow the oven come to be dry fast, then closely open the door to bring out the ceramic – ware to conserve it from any unnecessary cracked or breaking.


These are the key tips the can help you with placing together some great pottery pieces that you’ll love


Cautions through This

Oven-fired pottery does come with a few important advises that will assist you with staying clear of damage to your hands, body, and the like. Below are few of the major cautions you have to be concerned about.


If you feel warmth from the piece, don’t try to touch itDon’t let a piece sit in an oven for much longer than neededUse the fingernail test on a piece only if you understand that that cooled downDon’t leaving your stove unattended. Yes it’s an oven, but don’t leave it come sit and also bake there is no at the very least someone homeIf you notification the item bubbling or burning, gain it the end immediatelyIf you an alert it cracking, rotate off the oven and let the temperature come down prior to you remove itIf you acquire it dorn the first time, don’t be upset due to the fact that this isn’t the simplest thing come doMake certain that you room not making use of a constant kitchen stove is no at every recommended together it can not reach above the 1000-degree FahrenheitMake usage of a pair the gloves while managing the pots in the oven


Oven-fired pottery is a skill that most of united state are always trying come get far better at, and also if you’re may be to gain a feel for this, usually discovering this over time will aid with preventing these dangers from happening.


Proper treatment of the Oven-Fired Pottery

 The oven-fired ceramic does not fulfill a kiln’s high enough temperature, which leaves it fragile and weak enough compared to kiln-fired pottery. Thus, the over-fired ceramics require the ideal maintaining actions to ensure the longevity that your tough work. Just how do you care for and maintain the oven-dried pottery? have actually a look:




It is great to usage mild dishwasher soap rather than harsh detergents. Even if you room using detergents, consider a minimal amount, i m sorry is not at every going to be a harsh one. Also, save those commodities away, which have the right to leave a stain on the pottery.


Avoid the oven-fired ceramic to bump versus the various other pottery items. While working through your oven-fired pottery, remain as much conscious as friend can. Also, refrain from putting them approximately on a strict surface.


How to Decorate

Finally, we have actually the decorate of your pottery once you’ve finished firing it. Here are a pair of things to save in mind:

Don’t decorate until you know the piece is finishedDon’t decorate prior to firingDon’t decorate until you know the piece is cool enough to touch

Otherwise, you room at hazard for damaging your piece, and you don’t desire to let that hard work go to waste, right?


To decorate her pottery, you’re given a lot of various means, and some the them incorporate the following:

Painting through acrylic paintUsing different stamps to stamp a style onto thereUsing household tools in order to develop impressions top top the pieceAdding different attachments, including metals, jewels, or whateverGluing stones to this potteryAdding pipeline cleaners and small pom pom balls come the ribbed edges


If you’re paint a piece that looks an ext like a sculpture, friend can constantly paint it to look realistic. This is sort of the fun component of this, because you’ll be cost-free to do as girlfriend please with this, and that’s something that a lot of of civilization love about this, and it’s something that human being do enjoy once they’re making pottery.


Remember, while you won’t be able to add fancy glazes to this, that’s fine. The object of these no to it is in food-safe, yet instead to produce wonderful, decorative piece that you can display off, and also they make the perfect gifts.


Next time you stumped for a gift, shot giving ceramic for the adhering to holiday:

BirthdaysMother’s dayChristmas or any type of winter holidayFather’s day

Or virtually every little thing holiday that you want! The boundaries of this are endless.


When she looking to offer someone a an excellent gift, or if you desire to start trying your hand at pottery, i do suggest trying to oven fire pottery. This is a good beginning, and also a great way to start with this.

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Remember that, as you get much better you can constantly invest more into this to take your pottery an abilities to the next level.