Why do classic color wheels have actually yellow opposite come violet (purple), whereas graphics programs such together Adobe Photoshop have actually yellow opposite come blue?

Yellow opposite violet (purple):


Yellow opposite blue:



The classic wheel is based on pigments. It"s the mix that the primary colors the creates the second and tertiary color in the wheel. That"s your an initial picture.

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The second picture is based upon the RGB colors and are colors produced by light; they"re no "mixed" together and technically don"t occupational the same means as pigments. It could be much better to speak to this wheel a spectrum than a color wheel. By an interpretation they"re no really complementary however opposite.

So in general, when world talk around complementary, they still describe the timeless model: purple and also yellow, orange and blue, red and also green.

By the way, that "blue" indigenous the RGB wheel is still very close to be a purple in CMYK; yet in RGB, it"s a blue. The violet ~ above the traditional wheel is likewise a really pale violet... The wheel listed below is closer to the real classic color wheel!


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There room different color models which an outcome in different opposites.

One is a subtractive color model (CMYK) -- the height image, wherein the opposite of yellow is purple. This is for real-world, tangible things like paint, ink, etc.

The other is a additive color model (RGB) -- the bottom image, wherein the the opposite of yellow is blue. This is for light basically, screens, displays, bulbs, etc.

For much more information watch here: What is the difference in between CMYK and also RGB? room there other color spaces I have to know?

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Becouse the is a color wheel intended because that kids. And also its roots room older than a modern-day understanding in color. Some timeless color paletes because that painters likewise use it, again becouse that is a traditional (but arcaic) understanding of it.

The "modern well-known understanding" of color comes through 2 inventions: offset shade printing for photography, and color tv. Bofore the you can find textbooks saying the the rainbow has actually 7 colors.

Still, the quality of the pigments because that CMYK printing is evolving come achive more consistent colors. Part years ago the combination of 100 magenta and also 100 cyan turned right into a an ext violet color. Now the colors are much better but still friend don"t achive "pure blue" becouse the is not a direct mathematical proportion.

There are some other shade models favor Lab that has a scale from yellow to blue and red come green. That aproach is much more "organic late model". However this shade wheel is not that case.


Imagine how Painting (and paint materials) evolve (Not an acurate historic explanation, but it quiet works). At the start you had some charcoal to repaint a cave. Later you had actually some planet dust with some deer fat and also you had some ocre colors.

Years pass and also you discover some insects or snails come pure pigments from them.

You have actually some various other pigments from combination from steels etc. The point is you had actually a limited palete of phisical pigments come use. (A timeline of colors http://www.webexhibits.org/pigments/intro/history.html)

Time after, as soon as you explain things to your students, there has actually being a classic model to integrate existent pigments. The models built earlier then to be perceptual and also experience based.

For instance the Fuchsine (magenta) dye was developed in the XIX Century. It might not make component of a color wheel prior to that.

All that slow evolution makes the the color theory and also color wheels need to evolve.

Popular perception

If friend ask general populace or a group of kids without any kind of formal theorical understanding, they will say the the major colors room yellow, blue and also red... And also the sky will be sky blue, no cyan, and also the magenta will certainly be a shining pink.

But again, the traditional color wheel is simply wrong.

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Edited again:

The very first one is referred to as RYB model. And also it is charted as HISTORICAL model... "RYB predates contemporary scientific shade theory". Https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RYB_color_model I totally agree v that description.