Older Use:Usually Offensive. A woman employee who cleans a house, cooks, etc.; housekeeper: My mrs won't be right here till next Tuesday.

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(in historical use) a female attendant to a lady of rank: your woman notified us the your take trip plans.
the nature, characteristics, or feelings often attributed come women; womanliness: the has constantly loved and also admired the mrs in her.
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be one's own woman, (of females) come be cost-free from restrictions, control, or dictatorial influence; it is in independent.

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First recorded prior to 900; middle English womman, wimman, Old English wīfman(n), wīfmon(n), indistinguishable to wīf “female, wife, woman” + man(n) “human being, man”; see beginning at wife, man
Woman, female, lady are nouns referring to one adult female person being, one paradigm the gender and also biological sex for adult person beings. Woman is the general term. That is neutral, doing not have either favorable or unfavorable implication, and also is the most frequently used that the three: a wealthy woman; a mrs of strong character, the unbridled appetites. In scientific, statistical, and also other objective use, mrs is the neutral contrastive term come male and also may apply to plants and animals also: 104 females to every 100 males; among lions, the woman is the chef hunter. Mrs is sometimes used in disparaging contexts: a gossipy female; a conniving female. Lady an interpretation “refined, polite woman” is a term of approval or praise: a genuine lady in all things; come behave prefer a lady. When provided as a form of address, lady might be polite or neutral in tone: Ladies, did you hear around the new brunch food selection with bottomless mimosas? However, in the singular that is regularly perceived together rude: Hey, lady, i don’t have actually all day.
1. Although formerly woman was occasionally regarded together demeaning and also lady to be the ax of courtesy, woman is the designation wanted by most modern-day female adults: organization of females Voters; American association of university Women. Mrs is the conventional feminine parallel come man. Together a modifier of a many noun, woman, prefer man, is superior in that the plural type women is used: women athletes; ladies students. The use of lady together a ax of courtesy has decreased somewhat in current years ( the lady of the house ), although it still survives in a couple of set phrases ( ladies' room; Ladies' work ). Lady is likewise used, however decreasingly, together a ax of recommendation for women engaged in occupations considered by part to it is in menial or routine: cleaning lady; saleslady. See additionally girl, lady, -woman.

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lady, mrs (see synonym research at the present entry; see consumption note in ~ the current entry)