What Is the objective of Life?

Why space we here? Here's a reasonable answer.

posted October 8, 2020 | reviewed by Jessica Schrader


Disclaimer: ns don"t case that what ns say is totally "true," because the truth is elusive in this facility world. Rather, I"m offering some ideas to help perceive the world and ourselves in a manner that opens up pathways for readjust and growth.

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The ultimate Question

As much as many of us know, we only have actually one life come live. The odds versus our presence are, fairly literally, beyond comprehension. The end of some cosmic wonder that we don’t evaluate enough, we are here. One chance event after an additional had to occur for each of us to born right into this world. This starts with the huge Bang and includes the plenty of factors that had actually to heat up for life to evolve ~ above this planet to your great grandparents randomly bumping right into one an additional at a nation grocery store.

The fact that we are living and also breathing ~ above this big blue marble we call Earth is statistically inconceivable. It might not always feel that way, yet if we step back, we deserve to see the this is true. We space all the winners of the biggest … lottery … ever!

Given that us defied every odds come exist, that begs the most vital question the philosophers, theologians, and countless others have attempted come answer. We might even consider this The ultimate Question: those the function of life? on a related note, how are us to live in a method that fulfills ours purpose? Another method to think the this is: if we room the winners the the cosmic lottery, how are we supposed to spend our winnings?

An Answer to the can be fried Question

“Conan, what is great in life?” Conan: “To crush your enemies, to view them driven prior to you, and to hear the lamentations the the women.” —Conan, from the movie “Conan the Barbarian”

While everyone is entitled to have an opinion around why we are here and what to execute with our lives, I’ll go on the record as disagreeing with Conan’s answer. I, that course, don’t have the answer either. However, i promise that I"m not going to say The Answer to the Ultimate inquiry is 42.

Your head can be spinning best now, due to the fact that I simply said that ns am walking to shot to price The ultimate Question. However, I’m not arrogant enough to claim that I have actually The Answer. However I don’t think anyone has actually The prize for the matter, back many human being claim that they do.

Can you agree with me, even partially, the there are plenty of ideas about the function of life? even if you already believe in One Answer to The can be fried Question, you still identify that other people and groups have different answers come the exact same question. If there were just one, clear, unequivocal answer to The ultimate Question, wouldn’t us all have the exact same one without any disagreements? In fact, would certainly there even be an Ultimate question if we all had the exact same answer to it? Assuming us can also agree upon the nature and wording of The ultimate Question, the various answers can’t all be right…or can they? If girlfriend disagree with me, you in reality agree through me because it proves the finding The Answer to The Ultimate question is open up to debate and different point out of view!

I’m going to tell you a little mystery about The ultimate Question: there is no secret, "correct" answer to this question. How could I, or everyone else, have a secret answer to The Ultimate concern that few have stumbled upon? The “right” answer regarding the function of life there is no single right answer. It would be an ext accurate come say the there are best “answers.”

Here’s what could really bake her noodle: You currently know an answer to The ultimate Question, yet you could not understand that you understand it. Although I"m telling you what you currently know, rather of that being a limitation, think about the opportunity that this is wherein its strength resides.

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“All keys are open up secrets. Nothing is hidden. Naught is revealed. Human being can just be called what they already know. Although lock know, they may not be aware of your knowledge.”—Camden Benares, indigenous “Zen there is no Zen Masters”

An Answer come the objective of Life

"Why room we here? due to the fact that we"re here. Role the bones. Roll the bones."—from the tune "Roll the Bones" by Rush

We developed so that we can live. Thus, us could also say that us live to evolve, so there"s a circularity here. Advancement is the procedure that enabled organisms to survive and thrive. Humans, together with every living animal or plant, fan our existence to it. Our function is to "evolve" during our lifetime due to the fact that that is continuous with our evolutionary purpose. Thus, an answer come The Ultimate concern of "What is the function of life?" is that us are below so that us can continue to live, adapt, learn, and also grow. A function of life, and also our purpose, is to proceed to evolve.

We advanced to Evolve

When us think of "evolution" as definition as a procedure of learning, adapting, and growing to be more effective and also efficient, us see development everywhere. Youngsters learn an ext advanced skills and principles in school and also this continues on through college and throughout their careers. Growth, in terms of profitability, is among the main goals of any business. Modern technology is constantly evolving—offering quicker internet speeds, more powerful computers, much better productivity tools, and more engaging and also entertaining experiences. Athletes strive to improve their skills and performances through better nutrition and training methods. They target to win more championships and collection records. Musicians and also artists want to become much more technically proficient, creative, and also successful. Communities and also societies not only grow in number, yet they shot to offer the needs of the world to allow the citizens to live healthier, more happiness lives. Also with many religions, we look for to grow in our faith—to be a "better" Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or Jew.

On the organic level, learning recruits the reward equipment in the brain so the the finding out is reinforced. We developed to grow and learn ... To become far better than we were the day prior to so the we could survive and also thrive. In general, us feel happy as soon as we learn and grow. One could say that this joy is a purpose of life as well, yet it could additionally be said to it is in the by-product that fulfilling our life objective of learning and growing.

The Takeaway?

What is the objective of life? An prize (as opposed to The Answer) come The Ultimate inquiry is that we exist to proceed to exist. We developed to evolve. This is fundamental to every living organism. Innate to our visibility is that us learn, adapt, and also grow. Health, happiness, and longevity are the payoffs for this. Because our biological evolution is the structure of our existence, a objective of our resides is to continue to "evolve" throughout our lifetime by learning and also growing. Every day, our purpose is to effort to be a small bit far better than the work before and also to proceed this evolutionary process throughout our lifetime.

This purpose in life could sound prefer a simple, anti-climatic answer to The ultimate Question, yet there"s an ext to this answer 보다 at first glance. Our function in life come learn and also grow transparent our lifetime also holds the vital to how we must live ours lives. Please sign up with me next week together I address the inquiry of: How then shall us live?


Mike Brooks, Ph.D., is a psychologist that specializes in help parents and families discover greater balance and also life satisfaction within an progressively hyper-connected world.