When we speak of the author’s purpose we space referring to the why behind your writing. What encouraged the author to develop their work? What is their intent and what execute they expect to achieve?

The author’s purpose is the reason they decided to write around something in the an initial place.

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There are numerous reasons a writer puts pen come paper. It’s crucial that ours students possess the important tools because that identifying these miscellaneous reasons and also intents.

Being able to identify the author’s objective accurately is absolutely crucial if the college student is to properly evaluate a item of writing.


Depending on who you talk to once the question is raised around how many species of author’s function there are, you’ll generally be quoted a number varying from approximately 3 to about 7.

A an excellent starting allude for students beginning to learn more about the different species of authors’ objective is, to start with, the key 3: to persuade, come inform, and also to entertain. These can easily be remembered v the PIE acronym.

However, these 3 represent just an introduction. In the understanding of covering the object a little much more comprehensively, we will define 5 different types of author’s purpose, look in ~ some instances of every in use, and also give a couple of pointers useful in identify them.






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Definition: This is a an extremely common function of writing, specifically in nonfiction writing. As soon as a text is created to persuade it will certainly aim to to convince the reader of the merits of a particular point of view. V this type of creating the author will attempt to persuade the reader to agree with this point of view and/or consequently take a details course that action.

Examples: This purpose can be uncovered in every kinds that writing. It can even be in fiction writing when the author has one agenda, even if it is consciously or unconsciously. However, it is most frequently the an inspiration behind essays, advertisements, and also political composing such as speeches and propaganda.

How to Identify: To recognize when the author’s objective is come persuade, students have to ask themselves if they feel the writer is make the efforts to acquire them to think something or take it a details action. They should learn to determine the assorted tactics and strategies used in persuasive creating such together repetition, various varieties of sustaining evidence, hyperbole, attack opposing viewpoints, forceful phrases, emotive imagery and also photographs etc.

We have actually a complete guide to persuasive writing here if you would like to learn more.


Definition: as soon as an author’s purpose is to inform, they commonly wish come enlighten their readership around a real-world topic. Often, castle will carry out this by offering lots of facts. Informational texts space geared toward imparting details to the reader through the function of educating castle on a provided topic.

Examples: Many types of school books are written with the express function of informing the reader. Added to textbooks, we additionally have encyclopedias, recipe books, and also newspapers.

How come Identify: In the procedure of informing the reader, the writer will exploit facts and also this is one surefire way to point out the will to inform.

However, as soon as the author’s purpose is persuasion lock will likewise be most likely to administer the reader v some facts in an attempt to convince the leader of the merits the their specific case. The key difference between the two different ways facts space employed is that, once the intentionally is to inform, facts space presented just to teach the reader. When the author’s objective is to persuade, lock will generally mask their opinions amid the facts.

Students must end up being adept in ~ recognizing ‘hidden’ opinions v practice. Teach your students to beware that persuasion masquerading together information!

IF friend would favor to learn much more about composing an details report be certain to check out our finish guide here.


Definition: as soon as an author’s chief objective is to game the reader they will certainly endeavour to store things as exciting as possible. Things happen in books that are written come entertain, even if it is in the kind of an action-packed plot, inventive characterizations, or sharp dialogue.

Examples: no surprisingly, a great deal the fiction is written v the aim of entertaining, specifically genre fiction. Because that example, we uncover entertaining instances in science fiction, romance, and also fantasy – to name yet a few.

How to Identify: as soon as a writer is attempting to entertain or entertain the leader they will use a selection of approaches to interact their attention. They may employ cliffhangers in ~ the end of a chapter, because that example. They may weave humour right into their story, or even have personalities tell jokes. In the situation of a thriller, an action-packed scene may follow an action-packed scene together the drama build to a crescendo. Think of the melodrama the a soap opera here, quite than the ethereal touch of one art residence masterpiece.


Definition: once writers create to explain, they want to call the reader just how to do something or reveal to them just how something works. This form of writing is around communicating a technique or a process.

Examples: Writing v the objective of explaining have the right to be discovered in instructions, step-by-step guides, procedural outlines, and recipes.

 How to Identify: frequently you will discover this type of writing organized into bulleted or numbered points. Together it concentrates on informing the reader just how to do something, frequently lots of imperatives will be provided within the writing. Diagrams and also illustrations are frequently used to reinforce the message explanations too.

Read our finish guide come explanatory messages here.


Definition: regularly writers will use words to explain something in much more detail than be conveyed in a photo alone. After all, they to speak ‘a photo paints a thousand words and also text can help get us past the one-dimensional figure of things.

Examples: we can find lots of descriptive writing in noticeable places like brief stories, novels and other develops of fiction wherein the writer wishes to paint a picture in the reader’s imagination. Us can additionally find several writing with the objective of summary in nonfiction too – in product descriptions or descriptive essays, for example.

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How come Identify: In the situation of fiction creating which describes, the leader will an alert the writer using several sensory details in the text. Ours senses are exactly how we consciousness the world and, to explain their imaginary world, authors will attract heavily top top language that appeals to these senses. In both fiction and also nonfiction, readers will notification the writer will certainly rely greatly on adjective in your writing.