The square source of 256 is expressed together √256 in the radical form and as (256)½ or (256)0.5 in the exponent form. The square root of 256 is 16. The is the confident solution of the equation x2 = 256. The number 256 is a perfect square.

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Square root of 256: 16Square root of 256 in exponential form: (256)½ or (256)0.5Square source of 256 in radical form: √256
1.What Is the Square root of 256?
2.Is Square root of 256 rational or Irrational?
3.How to uncover the Square source of 256?
4.FAQs ~ above Square source of 256

The square root of a number is the number which, when multiplied to itself, provides the initial number.For any type of two real numbers, a and also b, a2 = b and a = √b. Let us know the calculation of the square root of 256.The square source of 256 is the number which, as soon as multiplied v itself, will give the an outcome as 256.The square root of 256 is the inverse operation of squaring 16.If 162 = 256, then √256 = 16


When we multiply two negative signs, we get a confident sign.The multiplication the (-16) with itself will give the an outcome as 256. Therefore, (-16) is also a square root of 256.We will research the mathematical method to calculate the square source of 256 in the adhering to sections.

Is Square root of 256 rational or Irrational?

The square source of 256 is either 16 or (-16).13 and also -13 have the right to be expressed together 16/1 and also -16/1.Both the numbers can be represented in the kind of a reasonable number.Thus, the square root of 256 is a reasonable number.

How to find the Square source of 256?

The square root of 256 have the right to be calculated using different methods such as: Prime Factorization and also Long department method.

Square root of 256 by prime factorization method

Step 3. Pick one aspect from every pair and they can be written in the form: 256 = (2 × 2 × 2 × 2)2Step 4. Thus, following the regulation of exponents, us get, √256 = √(162) = 16½ Thus we evaluate √256 = + 16 or -16

Square source of 256 by Long department Method

Step 1. Write 256 as presented in the figure. Start grouping the number in bag from the ideal end. 56 is the very first pair from the right. Step 2: find the biggest number that once multiplied with itself will give 2 or a smaller number closest to 2. Right here it is 1. Do the department and get the remainder.Step 3: bring down the next pair the numbers. Below it is 56. Multiply the quotient 1 through 2 and also write it in the brand-new divisor"s ar or the tens place. The number 2 will be inserted in the 10s place.Step 4: Find the biggest number that once kept in ~ ones location with 2 at tens location multiplied with that exact same number provides a an outcome 156 or a number closest come 156. Step 5: Get the next quotient location as 6. Currently we acquire our brand-new divisor together 26 as 6 × 26 = 156. Complete the department and acquire the remainder. Here we acquire 0. Thus, the process of department completes here. 


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Challenging Questions:

Roger to be planning to cover a square table that has actually an area of √256 square inches. He found a cloth of area 18 square inches. How plenty of inches does the fabric hang end the table on every side if the cloth is centered on the table?

Important Notes

The square source of 256 is expressed together √256 in the radical type and together 256½ in the exponential form.

Square source of 256 fixed Examples

Example 1: Chris orders a pizza whose surface area is 803.84 square inches. What is the radius of the pizza that kris ordered?


The full surface area the Chris"s pizza = 803.84 square inches

The surface ar area that a one = π × r2 

3.141 × r2 = 803.84

r2 = 803.84 ÷ 3.141 = 256

r = √256

r = +16 or -16

Since the radius can not be negative, we need to consider the positive value.

Therefore, the radius that the pizza that Chris ordered = 16 inches.

Example 2: Veronica provides as many arm bands in a day as the number of days that she has actually taken to make 256 of them. If she has made a complete of 256 bracelets, exactly how many arm bands has she made and how numerous days has actually she taken?


Number of bracelets made = number of days taken.

Let the number of bracelets made per day = n

Let the variety of days taken = n

n × n = 256

n2 = 256

n = 16

Thus, she has taken 16 work to make 16 bracelets per day. 

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FAQs top top the Square root of 256

What is the worth of the Square source of 256?

The square source of 256 is 16.

Why is the Square root of 256 a rational Number?

Upon element factorizing 256 i.e. 28, we uncover that every the prime determinants are in also power. This means that the square root of 256 is a positive integer. Therefore, the square root of 256 is rational.

Is the number 256 a Perfect Square?

The prime factorization the 256 = 28. Here, every the numbers are in the power of 2. This implies that the square source of 256 is a optimistic integer. Therefore, 256 is a perfect square.

What is the Square source of -256?

The square root of -256 is an imagine number. It can be written as √-256 = √-1 × √256 = i √256 = 16iwhere ns = √-1 and it is referred to as the imaginary unit.

What is the value of 4 square source 256?

The square root of 256 is 16. Therefore, 4 √256 = 4 × 16 = 64.

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If the Square source of 256 is 16. Find the worth of the Square source of 2.56.

Let us stand for √2.56 in p/q type i.e. √(256/100) = 16/10 = 1.6. Hence, the value of √2.56 = 1.6