The inch symbol is denoted by a dual prime (i.e. Dual quotes) whilst the feet prize is denoted through a prime (i.e. Apostrophe). Because that instance, nine feet 5 inches have the right to be composed or typed as 9’5″ utilizing your keyboard.

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In today’s article, you will do it learn how to use some keyboard (or alt code) shortcuts to do or type the Feet and also Inch icons (text) top top the keyboard.

Note: on the traditional keyboard, the inch Symbol is the exact same as twin quotes and an apostrophe respectively. To kind the dual quotes symbol together the customs symbol, press transition + ′ (apostrophe), and also to form the apostrophe together the feet symbol, simply press the apostrophe key.

Now, below will display you an ext ways to kind these icons (double quotes and also an apostrophe) utilizing the keyboard.

Feet & Inch signs <“> quick Guide

To form the Inch price on Keyboard, press transition + ′ (apostrophe key) simultaneously. And also to kind the feet symbol, just press once on the apostrophe key. Because that instance, eight feet 4 inches will certainly be typed as 8′4″.

The listed below table contains all the information you need around these Symbols.

Inch Symbol
Feet Symbol
Inch prize on keyboard + <′> keys
Feet prize on keyboard<′> key

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The symbol dialog box will appear.

Type 34 in the Character Code: box. The price will appear selected.Click on the Insert button. Alternatively, dual click top top the symbol to insert it into your indigenous document.
Close the dialog.

The symbol will then it is in inserted precisely where you put the insertion pointer.

These space the measures you might use come insert the inch Symbol in Word.


As you deserve to see, there room several various methods you have the right to use to kind the Inches and also Feet symbols on the keyboard

Using shortcuts renders the fastest choice for this task. Shortcuts are always fast.

Thank you an extremely much for analysis this blog.

If you have anything point to speak or inquiries to ask worrying the inch sign, you re welcome drop that in the comments.

Thank you

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