Which the the following best defines a mineral and also a rock? In a mineral the constituent atoms room bonded in a regular, repetitive, interior structure; a absent is a lithified or consolidated accumulation of various mineral grains.

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Which the the adhering to is no a basic particle uncovered in atoms? selectron
Atoms of the same element, zinc because that example, have the same variety of ________. protons in the cell nucleus
Atoms that have an electric charge due to a acquire or loss of electron are dubbed ________. ions
Which of the adhering to is correct for isotopes of the same element? The atoms have different numbers the neutrons and the same variety of protons.
What mineral is the hardest recognized substance in nature? diamond
Which carbonate mineral reacts conveniently with cool, dilute hydrochloric mountain to create visible balloon of carbon dioxide gas? calcite
Which common mineral is composed entirely of silicon and also oxygen? quartz
Which the the following minerals is a silicate? feldspar
A cubic centimeter that quartz, olivine, and also gold weighs 2.5, 3.0, and 19.8 grams respectively. This suggests that ________. gold has a higher density and specific gravity 보다 quartz and also olivine
Which among the adhering to mineral groups exhibits a sheet-like silicate structure? micas
The ion in ~ the center of a silicon-oxygen tetrahedron is surrounding by ________. four oxygen ions
The resistance of a mineral to abrasion is known as ________. hardness
All silicate mineral contain which two elements? silicon, oxygen
Which mineral is conveniently soluble in water in ~ room temperature conditions? halite
What aspect is the most abundant in the Earth's tardy by weight? oxygen
The strong tendency of specific minerals come break along smooth, parallel planes is recognized as ________. cleavage
An atom's mass number is 13 and also its atom number is 6. How plenty of neutrons space in the nucleus? 7
Which one of the following is not true because that minerals? They deserve to be a liquid, solid, or glass.
Which group of minerals space the many abundant in the Earth's crust? silicates
Which the complying with denotes the positively charged particles in an atom's nucleus? protons
Which that the complying with has the highest certain gravity? gold
Which that the following defines the light reflecting and transmission features of a mineral? luster
The most unreliable (variable) diagnostic building of minerals such together quartz is ________. color
Which that the complying with is NOT one of the eight many common facets in the Earth's crust? carbon
Mineral store which have actually been identified and can be extract profitably are dubbed ________. reserves
Electron-atom-proton-neutron atom
Hardness-streak-luster-cleavage luster
Quartz-olivine-feldspar-calcite calcite
Oxygen-sulfur-aluminum-iron sulfur
All mineral exhibit cleavage. False
Rocks space aggregates of two or much more minerals. True
Mineral luster is broadly classified together either gift metallic or opaque. False
Electrically neutral atoms have actually equal numbers of electrons and also protons True
Most minerals have a higher specific gravity 보다 water. True
In the silicon-oxygen tetrahedron, there are more silicon atoms 보다 oxygen atoms. False
More 보다 100 elements are at this time known. True
All atoms of the same facet have the very same atomic number. True
A mineral deserve to be composed entirely of one element. True
Diamond and quartz space both minerals created of a solitary element. False
The micas, biotite and also muscovite, both exhibition one direction of cleavage. True
Nonmetallic minerals prefer halite and gypsum have actually no commercial uses. False
Nearly 4000 minerals have actually been named. True
Isotopes the the same facet have the same mass number. False
As the rate of cooling increases, the dimension of the crystals that type ________. Decreases
Bowen's reaction series predicts the sizes of the different mineral seed that flourish from crystallizing magmas. True
Olivine and quartz are commonly found together in the same rock. False
One magma can create several different igneous rocks having various mineral compositions. True
Basalt is the fine-grained indistinguishable of gabbro.

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Glassy igneous rocks form when magma cools too fast for mineral seed to grow. True