The Beethoven dog each other is likewise known together Saint boy name or Alpine Mastiff. The is a dog breed with beginnings from Switzerland the owes that is generation indigenous the roman inn Molossar and other Swiss breeds. In the past, lock were used as hill rescue typically at the Saint bernard Hospice. Monks who resided in St. Bernard happen bred them. Nowadays, this each other of dogs can be seen in huge screens.

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Size the the Beethoven dog breed

The size of the each other is as presented in the complying with records:

• Shoulder height: around 65-70 centimeter which is about 25-28

• Weight: about 132 lbs and also can go over 300 lbs. The largest ever recorded St. Bernard weighed 357 lbs


They have:

• Have broad or big head

• A flat back

• Muscular strong legs

• Low-carried tail

• huge feet

• larger upper lips or flews

• Muzzled and also wrinkled forehead

• Coat: can be white rough or smooth haired

• The color of the coat have the right to be that black, brindle, tan, red, or mix of those colors.

• typically they have black ears

• They deserve to have white legs, collar, chest, tail tip, and blaze

General character

Beethoven is usually friendly and also of good manner. They normally build a strong bond v the owner and they will certainly go as far as defending them. It likewise has an excellent nature with kids including other dogs. Overall, it is a good dog the is normally well-kept, playful, adventurous, among other things.

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Taking care of the breed

If you store or planning come keep among these breeds, then you should prepare to:

• work-related on a weekly grooming arrangement or routine to clean the breeds irrespective of your coat

• Cleaning involves brushing and combing them especially when they are shedding

• clean the ears

• The eyes need to be inspected on regular basis for infections

• proper exercise and also nutrition come prevent details health problems


The most typical health problems for this each other is:

• Hip and elbow dysplasia

• Lameness

• Arthritis

• Epilepsy

• Entropion

• Ectropion

How to train the Dog Breed

Their training entails a the majority of patience. Typically they are trained once young due to the fact that they grow into huge sizes.